The 20 Best Wine Shops In Los Angeles

Wine is a universal language that people all across the world love to speak. Whether you prefer a full-bodied red or a light, crisp white wine, the possibilities are endless. Though California is abundant in wine country, travel destinations like Los Angeles make up for what they lack in vineyards. From shops that focus on natural and biodynamic wines to upscale stores that house premium vintage bottles, LA is home to tons of incredible wine shops that are worth exploring.

Looking to grab a nice bottle on the go? No problem. Hoping to join a wine club and expand your palette with monthly selections? Easy. Some of these LA wine shops even double as restaurants, allowing patrons to sit down for a vino-paired meal before packing up a few bottles to take home. Whether you're new to wine or consider yourself an up-and-coming sommelier, keep reading for our list of the best wine shops in Los Angeles.

Good Clean Fun

Good Clean Fun is a spunky and innovative natural wine shop and restaurant located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. All of the wines sold here are made without pesticides and harmful chemicals, ensuring that customers receive the best of the best in the world of vino. In addition to wine, Good Clean Fun also sells all-natural and organic ciders, beers, and hard seltzers.

Whether you're in the area or passing through, simply stop by and grab a few bottles to go. Those looking to enjoy a sit-down meal paired with one-of-a-kind natural wines can also stop by Tuesday through Sunday for dinner. Good Clean Fun also offers a stellar happy hour featuring $2 oysters, $10 glasses of wine, and other delicious discounted bites.


Looking to transport yourself to Italy without the 10-plus hour flight? Eataly is a massive and magical Italian market that has everything from gourmet cheeses to hand-made pastas. Its selection of Italian wines is one of the best in the city. Eataly houses a huge variety of vino, and the Eataly Los Angeles wine club allows members to explore different wines each month.

Those who become a member can choose between different tiers, ranging from all white wines to all red wines to a classic combo of both. For only $75 a month, members get three bottles of wine and the opportunity to learn more about the story behind each Italian varietal. For only $10 more, you can opt in for the natural wine membership, which gives you a true taste of small and organic Italian wines.

Domaine LA

Domaine LA has been showcasing honest wines since 2009. Patrons will find a large selection of fine wines to choose from, including top-notch cabernet sauvignon and syrah. From orange wines to bubbles, Domaine LA truly has everything you need when it comes to vino. Even those seeking biodynamic varietals will find exactly what they're looking for when browsing the shelves at Domaine LA.

Whether you're looking to shop by country, variety, or farming practices, the knowledgeable employees are ready to help you navigate the often complex and confusing world of wine. Joining the wine club at Domaine LA means enjoying two to three bottles of wine per month for only $50. On top of that, members get an additional 10% off all other purchases.


From food critics to influencers to the everyday diner, Jon & Vinny's has become a household name across Los Angeles. Helen's has been there from the start, opening its doors with John & Vinny's Italian restaurant in 2015. Since then, Helen's has made a name for itself as a provider of delicious natural, organic, and small-batch wines available by the glass with dinner at Jon & Vinny's or by the bottle from the quaint yet well-stocked showroom.

Helen's offers a wide variety of wines for customers to choose from ranging in flavor and origin. That said, Helen's greatest mission is to offer high-quality wines that are accessible to shoppers with different price points. The display of collaboration between the chefs at Jon & Vinny's and Helen's is impressive to say the least, and a must-try for any LA wine lover.

Venice Beach Wines

Venice Beach Wines is a small and casual wine shop located in the beach town of Venice. From chilled reds to crisp chardonnay, Venice Beach Wines has been a part of the community for more than 14 years. One of the coolest things about this wine shop is the fact that it actively seeks out the most unique and one-of-a-kind wines for its customers and wine club members. Those that decide to join the wine club will receive two premium bottles per month for only $45, making it one of the most affordable wine memberships in LA.

In addition to being a wine shop, Venice Beach Wines is also a restaurant and tasting room. Stop by for a quick afternoon tasting or sit down and order some apps to pair with a chilled bottle of pinot grigio before hitting the beach.

Silverlake Wine

Silverlake Wine has a niche for finding some of the best organic, biodynamic, and natural wines in LA. The shop is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., ensuring that you can get your fix and grab a bottle whenever you need. While those that prefer old-fashioned wines might not love the selection at this shop, new-age drinkers and explorers will be fascinated by the weekly arrivals. From organic cabernet blends to sparkling lambrusco, these innovative wines come from all over.

On top of that, those that are looking to avoid added sulfites will appreciate the all-organic and natural selection. Whether you're looking for the perfect wine to pair with pizza or a picturesque bottle to take on a picnic, Silverlake Wine is a great go-to spot in East LA.


Vinovore is a one-of-a-kind wine shop with locations in both the Silverlake and Eagle Rock neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Vinovore specializes in women-made wines, and the femme-forward business model is mirrored in the eclectic decor and design displayed throughout both shops. 

In addition to the impressive array of women-made wines from around the world, Vinovore is the perfect place to go gift shopping for any occasion. Looking for some artisanal handmade pasta to pair with your wine? Vinovore has that covered. Seeking a cheeky piece of wall art or a book on how to keep your plants alive? Vinovore has that, too. This one-stop shop for all things women and wine is an East LA gem that is not to be missed.

Psychic Wines

Another Silverlake neighborhood favorite, Psychic Wines is taking an unconventional approach to your traditional wine shop experience. Owners Quinn Kimsey-White and Zach Jarrett are dedicated to purchasing wine from creative, freethinking winemakers, allowing the shop's collection to be made up of entirely unique and eclectic wines from across the globe. From natural wines to traditional favorites, Psychic Wines has it all.

Psychic wines offers two different wine club programs ranging from $55 to $130 a month. These wine clubs are designed to showcase growers that have inspired the owners at Psychic wines and offer seasonal favorites as well as everyday drinking wine classics. Members also enjoy a subscription to Psychic Wines' very own zine that details the description of each wine and features submissions from members and other talented customers.

Oeno Wine Bar

Oeno Wine Bar, affectionately referred to as Oeno Vino by customers, is a vibrant wine and beer shop with its own charming bar in-store. This family-owned and operated shop specializes in small-production wines, many of which are made with 100% organic and biodynamically farmed fruit. Although wine is the star of the show at Oeno Wine Bar, the small selections of craft beers include local favorites and are a perfect addition to the carefully curated selection of the shop.

In addition to the shop, Oeno also boasts a lively bar. Pairing with an impressive selection of wines available by the glass, guests at Oeno Wine Bar are encouraged to enjoy delicious charcuterie boards, handmade pizza, and salads to pair with the incredible wine.

Wine Stop DTLA

With three locations across Los Angeles in the DTLA Arts District, Silverlake, and Echo Park, Wine Stop is a one-stop shop for ethically sourced wines. Each wine is sourced on-site and refrigerated throughout the entirety of the transportation process to ensure the quality of every bottle remains top-notch. The selection and the prices at Wine Stop DTLA are unmatched. With a mission of high quality and low prices at the forefront of the Wine Stop model, there is a bottle for every taste and every budget.

Each month, Wine Stop DTLA also offers an array of tasting events. December's special tasting event is just $25 for three wines paired with three kinds of cheese served in the quaint storefront and is a great way to get a taste of Wine Stop DTLA.

Stanley's Wet Goods

Stanley's Wet Goods is a notable hotspot for all libation needs. From spirits to snacks, beers to bar seating, and of course, an impressive selection of wine, this downtown Culver City spot is a must-try for shopping and sipping. With over 580 wines to choose from, Stanley's Wet Goods has the perfect bottle for any pairing or occasion on site. Join Stanley's Wine Club for monthly shipments of red, white, or combo bottles from a different country every month.

The accompanying bar and restaurant is also quite popular. Grab a glass from the extensive list of sparkling, rosé, white, red, and orange wines to be paired with one of the charcuterie or small plates designed specifically with wine pairings in mind.

Good Luck Wine Shop

Since its opening in April 2020, Good Luck Wine Shop has been bringing wine people together in East Pasadena. Its location inside Vin de California allows guests to fully immerse themselves in a vineyard-like setting while still being located in the city of Los Angeles. The wine sold at Good Luck Wine Shop is almost entirely natural, low intervention, organic, and biodynamic wines. With a mission to build community and highlight businesses making ethical wines, you can shop at Good Luck Wine Shop with confidence in the ethics behind each bottle.

The prices at Good Luck Wine Shop are reasonable considering the high quality, as they offer bottles ranging from $16 to $75. With a wide array of white, red, prosecco and Champagne, rosé, and of course, trendy orange wine, Good Luck Wine Shop has got your every wine need covered.

Bar & Garden

Bar & Garden is one of the best-kept secrets in Culver City's Arts District. Everything sold at Bar & Garden is made without artificial flavoring or coloring, or preservatives. From the small-batch spirits and craft beers to the impressive collection of hard-to-find natural wines, everything at this charming spot is all-natural and as healthy as possible. 

In addition to the selection of specialty spirits and wines, Bar & Garden also offers artisanal foods and other goods like chocolate, hand-packed seafood, and bar accessories, making it the perfect place to shop before hosting any gathering. Swing by on Tuesday and Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. to take part in one of Bar & Garden's wine tastings, and Sunday tastings are paused at the time of writing this article. The good news, no reservations required!

Esters Wine Shop & Bar

Located in bustling downtown Santa Monica, Esters Wine Shop & Bar is not only a well-stocked wine shop but also a popular and inviting bar and restaurant. This all encompassing wine spot focuses on environmentally conscious wines from small producers all over the world. Come in on a Sunday evening for a $25 tasting of wine and cheese pairing hand curated by sommelier Randall Middleton with a different theme each week!

With the experience of dining at bistros and wine bars across France and Spain in mind, the owners have curated a wine-forward dining and shopping experience. The space also integrated other classic bar and restaurant favorites, such as seasonal cocktails and a full bar ensuring there is an ideal libation for every diner to enjoy with their meal.

Heritage Fine Wines

Heritage Fine Wines is bringing a taste of France to Los Angeles in its beautiful Beverly Hills storefront. Winemaker Jordane Andrieu has been perfecting his craft in the Burgundy region of France and has been bringing this knowledge of fine French food and wine to Heritage since 2018. The wines for sale at this charming shop are either organic, biodynamic, or natural.

There are a wealth of wine-oriented experiences available at Heritage Fine Wines. You'll find classic flight tastings at reasonable prices to the full dining menu featuring traditional French dishes. This shop offers not only a dynamic wine shopping experience but a standout dining and drinking experience, as well. Swing by on a Sunday to take advantage of the wine education night from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. weekly.

K&L Wines

K&L is one of the longest standing wine shops in all of Los Angeles. Since 1976, this impressive establishment has been offering an impressive array of wines from around the world on bustling Vine Street in Hollywood. K&L has an impressive storefront selection as well as one of the industry's most expensive online catalogs. In order to stay up to date on the best international wines and maintain the ability to offer them at market prices, K&L sends its buyers to Europe multiple times a year to source directly from Europe's top producers.

K&L also offers six different varieties of club membership. For starters, there is the "Best Buy" club offering two bottles a month, which is just under $20. There is also the more luxe "Champagne Club" which features some of the finest champagne offerings direct from France for just under $70.

Wally's Wine & Spirits

If you're looking for a fine wine to pull out on a special occasion, Wally's Wine & Spirits should be at the top of your list. With locations both in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, Wally's makes top-notch wines and spirits accessible. Wally's also doubles as a restaurant and tasting room, allowing patrons to sit down for a luxe dinner before exploring the wide variety of vintages.

Upon walking into Wally's, guests are greeted with walls and walls of wine. Between the glass encasements and endless array of varieties, a trip to Wally's is a true treat for wine lovers. In fact, the walls in the Santa Monica location are 20 feet tall, resulting in a truly lavish and immersive shopping or dining experience.

Wine House

For over 40 years, Wine House has been selling its wine collection in an 18,000-square-foot warehouse in West Los Angeles. That said, don't let the industrial exterior fool you. Wine House is an inviting shop with knowledgeable associates happy to help you navigate the maze of wines inside. With over 6,000 imported and domestic wines to learn about, and a notable selection of spirits and beers, Wine House has everything you could need for your next hosting or gifting experience.

Wine House also offers a fully-realized restaurant on the top floor of the warehouse. Wine House Kitchen is a stylish wine and cocktail-driven restaurant serving modern California cuisine with touches of Vietnamese influences. Whether you are just swinging by to snag a bottle or sitting down to dine and enjoy a glass of wine, Wine House is a must-see for locals and visitors alike.

Los Angeles Wine Company

Los Angeles Wine Co. is a great place to stock up on sale-priced wines before a big party, event, or hosted dinner. Having been around since 1982, the Los Angeles Wine Co. has been a local favorite for decades, showcasing hundreds of different wines from all over the world. Whether you're looking for a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand or a malbec from Argentina, you'll find exactly what you need for a fair price.

Other more unique offerings include high-quality ports, sherry's, aperitif's, and Japanese sakes. That said, the selection is so huge that shopping can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, customers are able to search the entire store online beforehand to find exactly what they're looking for and save some time in-store.

Lou Wine Shop

Lou Wine Shop is known for specializing in unusual wines that match its unusual vibe. The funky and one-of-a-kind wine shop is tucked on the corner of a strip mall with wine tastings hosted every Friday and Saturday. When it comes to natural wines, Lou's is known for spearheading the movement in Los Angeles. Given its innovative and fun nature, shopping at Lou Wine Shop means embarking on a bit of an adventure.

If you are looking to branch out, you'll certainly find plenty of interesting varietals and brands that might've never heard about. The hosted tastings are a great way to dip your toe into Lou's before diving head first, and you're sure to fall in love with the owner's wit, humor, and adoration of natural wine.