5 Over-The-Top Dining Experiences

Going out for dinner will never be the same

After eating three to four meals a day for a few decades, dinners at the kitchen table tend to get dull. Cut through the day-to-day drudgery with one of these epic dining experiences, which promise a whole new perspective on the term eating out.

Brooke Siem is a professional chef, writer and thyme traveler currently meandering around the world. Follow her adventures on Instagram at @brookesiem or sign up for her newsletter at brookesiem.com.

Dinner in the Sky

When's the last time you conquered your fear of heights while sipping free Champagne and knocking back a few oysters? With Dinner in the Sky, you and an entire waitstaff are strapped into a roller coaster-like seat and suspended by a crane, 150 feet into the air. There, you eat an unforgettable meal while soaking in 360-degree views of some of the most beautiful cities in the world, including Vancouver and Berlin.

Photo: Dinner In The Sky Österreich via Facebook

A Razor, a Shiny Knife

Pop-up dinners are always a welcome surprise, but what about a pop-up 100-course dinner? Or a fine dining lunch served on the L train? How about a life-size Monopoly-themed gala, complete with a dining jail, giant playing pieces and popcorn ice cream? Based in NYC, A Razor, a Shiny Knife is a full-service creative agency that brings fantasy and culinary adventure to life to individuals and corporations around the world.

Photo: Sam Horine

High-Altitude Dining

This high-altitude dinner, courtesy of the Four Seasons in Whistler, British Columbia, begins with a helicopter ride (and Moёt Champagne) over the mountainous landscape. Guests disembark on a nearby glacier and suit up with cleats and coats to explore untouched ice caves. Then, it's down to brass tacks: a cocktail hour (complete with glacial ice guests have foraged themselves) and a gourmet dinner with epic views.

Photo: Four Seasons Hotel, Whistler

The SnowCastle

Located in Kemi, Finland, the SnowCastle is the biggest snow fort in the world. Rebuilt every year and kept at a balmy -5 degrees Celsius, the SnowCastle is also home to an all-ice restaurant that serves local fare, like cheesy reindeer soup and lamb with rowanberry jelly.

Photo: @jasper.shih_ via Instagram

One Star House Party

Twenty countries. Twenty restaurants. Twenty months. One Star House Party is the ambitious brainchild of three "categorically homeless" chefs who travel around the world and create pop-up restaurants using whatever resources and locations they stumble upon. The result? High-end, locally influenced dinners cooked and served on a passenger train in Vietnam, the beaches of Oman and the base of Mount Everest. Upcoming locations include Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

Photo: One Star House Party via Facebook