For Martha Stewart, Lunch With An Old Friend Is Anything But Casual

Stockbroker, cookbook author, magazine founder — Martha Stewart has held quite a few titles over the course of her career. In 1999, Stewart became a self-made billionaire when her company went public, and she's been dubbed one of the world's wealthiest and most powerful business leaders by Forbes, according to Investopedia. Although her professional decorating skills first emerged when she moved to Connecticut and restored a farmhouse, Stewart has loved cooking and hosting since her childhood days in New Jersey (via Britannica).

Stewart's modern-day influence on the food world cannot be underestimated. After starting a catering business out of her basement in 1976, she managed a gourmet food store, wrote multiple bestselling cookbooks, and began her own empire with "Martha Stewart Living" magazine (via Achievement). Her online hub,, features over 25,000 recipes, along with cooking advice and food trend reports. And in 2014, she won an esteemed James Beard Award for her television series, "Martha Stewart's Cooking School," according to PBS.

With such massive success in the food arena, it's no wonder that people pay close attention to everything she eats and recommends. And it's no surprise that one of her most recent meals was chock full of fancy ingredients.

The menu featured four courses and caviar

While many of us grab a quick bite to catch up with friends, Martha Stewart recently took this occasion to the next level. According to a post on her Instagram, Stewart's decadent lunch for an old friend included four courses at her farm. The meal started off with tomato soup and a garden salad with apples — nothing too crazy there. But the main event featured fettuccine limone with black diamond caviar (no big deal) and finished with brown butter shortbread cookies with pineapple. As one user commented, "I want to be your friend. That looks amazing."

Although Stewart hasn't specifically published a fettuccine recipe with caviar, she is no stranger to the pricey fish egg delicacy. Her website shares several caviar creations, including caviar dip and twice-cooked potatoes with caviar. According to She Knows, Stewart loves the spread so much that she uses it as a Fritos topping, along with sour cream. And her recipe for fettuccine alfredo limone sounds like creamy, tangy heaven. According to The Kitchn, it only takes about 20 minutes to make and is a delicious pairing to chicken, breadcrumbs, or whatever additions best suit your taste buds.

Or, if you have a taste for the finer things in life like Stewart does, go ahead and top your pasta with a heaping spoonful of caviar. If we can't all be Stewart's friend, the least we can do is eat like her.