All'Antico Vinaio's Mortadella Sandwich Is Slathered With Pistachio Cream

All'Antico Vinaio is known for its sandwiches. Since 1991, Tommaso Mazzanti has been serving sandwiches made with fresh-out-of-the-oven Tuscan flatbread schiacciata, ultimately earning murmurs and praise for making the world's best (via Saveur). With Tommaso Mazzanti at the helm, the sandwich brand expanded to nine locations throughout Italy and the United States, and the sandwich shops in Los Angeles and New York have even been known to sell out, must to the disappointment of visiting customers (per All'Antico Vinaio).

The New Yorker describes the New York City location as a nearly transformative experience: "I saw, in vivid colors, what all the fuss was about," remarking that the La Paradiso sandwich, in particular, was worth a visit. Indeed, as pictured on Instagram, the sandwich is made up of real substance — it is meaty and demands that hungry eaters use both hands to enjoy it. Trust us; you'll want to pick up a few extra napkins on your way out the door.

A taste of Italy

On the famed sandwich shop's website, the La Paradiso sandwich is listed as one of the most popular orders. This fact is not entirely surprising: For 10 euros, patrons can walk away with generously sliced layers of mortadella packed into a focaccia-like bread that has been slathered with a pistachio and stracciatella spread. For good measure, extra pistachios are sprinkled onto the assembled sandwich to complete the order. These irresistible sandwiches, insists The New Yorker, offer a taste of Italy, and the sandwich makers would be better described as artists.

While there's no replicating these edible works of art, we do have a few sandwich recipes you can whip up for yourself at home. Try making a cream spread with your preferred nuts, and order your choice of meat sliced thin so you can pile it easily onto schiacciata bread. With the right wine pairing, you, too, might be transported to an Italian courtyard.