Ranking Cîroc Vodka Flavors From Worst To Best

About a decade ago, you couldn't watch a music video without being assaulted by shameless close-ups of Cîroc, a vodka brand that was struggling before rapper Diddy became associated with it, per Financial Times. For a period of time, it was the vodka to drink, a celebrated spirit for Diddy fans and beyond. These days, the brand (which now also produces a brandy as well as a line of spritzes) may not get quite as much hype as it did back in the day, but it's still easy to find Cîroc at just about any liquor store in the country.

Of course, if you want to keep things simple, you can stick to the original vodka. But for those who want something more from the spirit, the brand offers plenty of flavored options, allowing you to take your mixed drink up a notch. However, just like with any other product, not all flavors are created equally — some are superior to others. That's why we've decided to rank some of the most iconic Cîroc flavors, starting with our least favorites and working our way to the best. Give our favorites a try, but don't be deterred from trying one of the other flavors just because we don't like it. There really is a flavor for everyone.

9. Pineapple

If you ask us, there is nothing on this planet viler than pineapple-flavored anything. It's just one of those flavors that doesn't translate very well when it's enjoyed outside of its pure fruit form. And that's exactly why the pineapple Cîroc comes in last place for us. Take a single sip, and you'll think you're at a tiki bar in 2009, music blaring, head pounding, and wishing you could just go home instead of ordering another drink because you're trying not to leave your friends alone at the bar.

The pineapple flavor could've been better if it were a bit more subtle, but unfortunately, that's not what you're getting here. This vodka screams "pineapple" — put it into a mixed drink, and there's a good chance you won't even be able to tell what other flavors are going on. If you really, really love tropical fruit, then you may want to give the pineapple Cîroc a try. Otherwise, you're better off going for one of the other less-intense flavor options.

8. Peach

Here's another bottle that we just can't get behind: peach Cîroc. This one also has an aggressively strong flavor to it, but unfortunately, it doesn't really taste like peaches at all. Instead, you'll feel like you're in kindergarten again, digging into one of those syrup-infused fruit cups in the school cafeteria. Those orange chunks in the cup have a distinctly stone fruit flavor to them, but you can't really pinpoint exactly what it is you're eating. That's exactly what taking a sip of peach Cîroc is like.

If you're making a drink that specifically calls for some kind of peach liquor, then this stuff may not be bad. Just be warned: That peach flavor really lingers in your mouth for quite some time. However, if you're just experimenting with different vodka flavors and don't have a specific peach-focused recipe in mind, we suggest opting for one of the other flavors on this list. You can definitely do better than the peach.

7. Coconut

You don't see coconut-flavored liquor everywhere, so this coconut Cîroc feels like something special. Admittedly, coconut vodka can be a useful ingredient to have on your bar cart if you're making a tropical-inspired cocktail, and since you can't find coconut-flavored vodka from every brand, we're grateful that Cîroc gives us that option. Combined with other flavors, this one definitely isn't bad — the coconut flavor isn't overwhelming, and it has that nice almost woody flavor that makes the fruit so appealing.

However, when it comes to sipping this coconut vodka on its own or in a simple mixed drink, it leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn't really taste like real-deal coconut — the artificial flavoring is definitely apparent. That's not a bad thing, necessarily, but it really needs a lot of other flavors to support it. We don't think there are going to be a lot of people drinking coconut vodka straight, so maybe you don't have to worry about it. But if you do decide to use this stuff, just keep in mind that it's at its best when it's playing with plenty of other flavors in your glass.

6. Red Berry

So... what exactly does "red berry" mean? Well, as you might be able to guess, you're going to get a very generic berry flavor when you opt for the red berry vodka from Cîroc. You might pick up notes of strawberry and raspberry, but overall, the impression is simple, uncomplicated red fruit. Is it the most delicious vodka we've ever had? No. But if you need a generic mixer for a fruity drink, this one will get the job done. It's nothing too wild, so it should go well with a variety of other flavors. And since most people seem to like berry-flavored anything, we think it's a safe bet if you're looking for a bottle to bring to a party.

That being said, there's not enough going on here for the red berry flavor to make it into our top five. Since you can find berry-flavored vodka from a lot of brands out there, this one just doesn't feel all that special. Go for it if you're looking for a flavor that will appeal to a wide number of drinkers, but opt for something else if you're on the hunt for a standout vodka-drinking experience.

5. Apple

Even if you're not a huge flavored vodka person, you can't deny that apple-flavored vodka is a fun ingredient to keep on your bar cart. And though it's far from our favorite, we have to admit that the apple-flavored Cîroc offers up a fresh, fruity drinking experience that can spice up an appletini (remember those?). It has a bright and zippy flavor to it, which sets it apart from some of the other bottles in the Cîroc lineup that just seem to offer heavier, more intense fruitiness. You can use this vodka for an apple-flavored cocktail, of course, but it's also not terrible on its own. We might not go out of our way to sip it by itself, but if you really, really love apple flavoring, you might want to go for it.

These days, you don't see as many apple-flavored cocktails popping up on restaurant menus as you did in the past, so having a bottle of apple Cîroc on hand can be a good idea if you want to whip up a cocktail you won't find at your favorite local restaurant. Our advice? Just don't pair it with a ton of other apple-flavored ingredients — it can quickly become too much.

4. Mango

Mango tends to be one of the best flavors to include in a mixed drink. It has that tropical fruit note to it that we love, but it also offers a touch of acidity, almost providing a citrus-like punch to your libation. If you're into that kind of flavor profile, then we suggest getting your hands on a bottle of mango Cîroc. Does it taste exactly like biting into a fresh, juicy mango you got from the farmer's market? Not exactly. But does it feature that intense tropical fruit flavor that you want when you're making an island-appropriate cocktail? Absolutely.

Generally, taking shots of vodka is completely off the table for us — it's just not a great way to consume this spirit. But if you're feeling adventurous, we think that the mango Cîroc actually isn't bad for shooting or even sipping. It doesn't have that intensely artificial taste that many of the other flavors feature. Just like most of the other options on this list, though, the mango vodka truly shines when it's mixed into a fruity cocktail. Although this flavor has more sweetness than some of the others on this list, it's still among our favorites, especially during the hotter summer months when you're looking for a cold, refreshing drink to cool you down.

3. Passion

If you're in search of the most appealing bottle of this bunch, then there's no need to look further than the passion Cîroc. We love how this bottle looks — the bright colors on the packaging make it a showstopper, so it's super fun to pull one of these out of your bag when you go to a party. But what's inside the bottle also impresses. While passionfruit is likely what comes to mind when considering the label, this flavored vodka offers a mix of flavors including notes of citrus and tropical fruit. There's also a noticeable floral quality, which is attributed to hibiscus flavoring. Altogether, the combination comes together well for a flavored vodka, and it tastes unlike anything else in the Cîroc lineup.

This is another option you could presumably take a shot of if you're feeling adventurous, but we think this is an especially fun flavor to use for creating unique cocktails. With so much going on with passion Cîroc, you can pull back on the other ingredients, keeping it simple and letting the flavor of the vodka do the heavy lifting.

2. Summer Citrus

Let's be honest: Flavored vodkas can sometimes go a bit too far (as evidenced by some of the bottles higher up on this list). If there's too much going on, it can really muddle the flavors of an otherwise good cocktail, leaving you feeling like you've just taken a sip from a wonky perfume bottle. If you're looking for something a bit more subtle and understated that still has a touch of flavor to it, you should pick up some summer citrus Cîroc. While a lot of Cîroc's flavors are super bold and intense, the summer citrus offers a lighter option for those who don't want to be hit over the head with the flavor in their vodka. At the same time, it adds a touch of freshness to every sip of your cocktail.

The main tasting note you might pick up here is blood orange, which we think is an excellent choice of citrus. It has a bit more flavor and body than, say, lemon, but it also has a boldness to it that you wouldn't expect from a typical orange-flavored vodka.

1. Original

Here's the thing: As much as a flavored vodka can spice up a good cocktail, there is nothing that beats plain, unflavored vodka. Why? Well, if you're really into making cocktails, you'll probably want to add flavor to your drink by utilizing other ingredients. And although it's nice to have the option to take a shortcut with flavored Cîroc, we generally think that you're better off putting in that extra bit of work by adding flavor to your boozy beverage with fresh, natural ingredients. Luckily, the original Cîroc's smooth, clean taste provides the perfect base for just about any vodka-based cocktail. This grape-based spirit has just a hint of a citrus flavor to it, which makes it solid for easy sipping.

Is Cîroc the absolute finest vodka on the market? Maybe not. But for what it is, it definitely gets the job done and leaves you with a drink that offers a smooth, clean finish. Whether you want to get into the dirty martini craze or just want to stick with the brunch-appropriate Bloody Mary, the original Cîroc is guaranteed to get the job done.