You Should Reconsider Topping Bundt Cakes With Extravagant Decorations

When it comes to cakes, Bundts are a favorite. You can basically make them out of any thick-set cake batter whether it be a classic, buttery-tasting pound cake, eggnog cake, spiced rum cake, or even a fruitcake. Bundt cakes are particularly perfect for winter holidays because they are dense, filling, and usually spiced with warm flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, which make them a great choice for large parties and after-dinner desserts. 

Besides a heavy batter, what makes a Bundt cake, a Bundt cake, is its shape. Something Swanky says is that a Bundt cake has to be baked in a Bundt pan, which is designed in a special way. Bundt pans are crafted with a hole in the center of the pan, making it look like a wreath or a donut. This unique shape allows the cake to cook from the inside out. Bundt cake pans are also fluted with curving indents of some design along the outside. 

When your Bundt is finished baking, it will pop out looking elegant and decorative, which is why bakers should really reconsider topping Bundt cakes with unnecessary decorations.

Don't over do it

Here's the deal: You don't need to go all out with Bundt cakes. We're serious. A majority of the time, these kinds of desserts are already jam-packed with some intense flavors. Bundt cakes are also known to be dense and moist, which Martha Stewart claims is exactly why you should actively avoid coating baked goods with frosting or heavy garnishes. Additionally, Bundt cakes already look gorgeous after being carefully removed from the pan. They are literally baked into an attractive design, so why would you want to cover it up? Instead, Stewart suggests brushing the surface of the cake with some kind of syrup. This will help to keep the outside of the cake moist, make it shine with sugar, and not cover the cake's beautiful shape.

If simply brushing the outside of the cake isn't enough for you, Kitchn recommends using a drizzle, glaze, or powder. A really simple way to add some color to your cake is to dust powdered sugar on top like snow or cocoa powder if you need a chocolaty kick. Another option is the glaze. A glaze, unlike frosting, won't hide the design of the cake, but will instead slide down it and show off the artful divots baked into the dessert. 

You can use a caramel, apple cinnamon, chocolate, or vanilla glaze to highlight the gentle ridges of the cake and bring your Bundt to new heights.