LaCroix Is Selling Holiday Ornaments For The Seltzer Lover In Your Life

When cold weather rolls around, apple cider bourbon cocktails become the unofficial beverage of the season. What are sparkling water lovers to do? Fans swear by LaCroix's lineup of delicate flavors, which keep them refreshed and (judging by the numbers) keep them coming back, as well. In the fiscal year 2021, LaCroix was the third best-selling non-alcohol seltzer in the U.S., with sales surpassing $555 million (via Statista). These figures are paving the way for a market-wide trend shift.

In June 2022, InsightAce Analytic Pvt. Ltd. predicted that the sparkling water industry would be worth over $67 billion by 2030 with an annual growth rate of 10.0% year-over-year, per a press release via Cision. (That's a lot of seltzers.) It's been a big year for LaCroix. The brand's newest flavor, Cherry Blossom, which was released earlier this year in March, was named People's Food Awards 2022 Winner for Best Flavored Water, (via LaCroix). The outlet noted that the drink is refreshing like the spring and goes well with a backyard barbecue. But what about at a snowy holiday party?

LaCroix invites fans to crack open a cold one this holiday season and hang it on the Christmas tree. So whether you're a diehard fan with an ice-cold seltzer in hand this holiday — or if you've traded your seltzer for a Hot Toddy — LaCroix is rolling out a line of holiday ornaments to help the seltzer lover in your life celebrate all year long.

A very bubbly holiday

The new LaCroix ornaments are three-dimensional miniature versions of the classic seltzer can. The ornaments are available in the style of seven iconic LaCroix flavors: LimonCello, Cherry Blossom, São Paulo Guava, Black Razzberry, Hi-Biscus, Tangerine, and Key Lime. The concept is reminiscent of Miller Lite's fan favorite "Beernaments," a line of massive bulbous Miller Lite-themed ornaments that double as novelty koozies snaping around beer cans (via Beer & Beyond), which happen to be making a comeback this holiday season.

At $21 a piece, one LaCroix ornament is the same price as 42 cans of actual flavored sparkling water from Whole Foods in Brooklyn, NY. But seltzer lovers might argue that it's a small price to pay to incorporate the drink into the spirit of the season. In 2015, Bloomberg attributed LaCroix's rapidly increasing public traction to a small but ardent (and growing) cult following. In addition, there's a BuzzFeed article titled "Just 22 Hilarious Tweets About LaCroix" that was written in 2017 and it called the drink "2017's water," if that tells you anything about how earnest LaCroix fans were (and still are). One Twitter user writes, "I'm gonna start freezing my LaCroix so I can eat it for my dinner and then wash it down with LaCroix." According to Gothamist, there's even an official favorite LaCroix flavor of New Yorkers: Pamplemousse. Now that the ornaments have hit the market, festive seltzer lovers — this is your cue to get excited.