The Frozen Trader Joe's Shrimp Fans Swear By

Trader Joe's has managed to get itself a cult following. Whether it's the infamous Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, cauliflower gnocchi, or frozen mandarin orange chicken – people can't seem to get enough of its crave-worthy products. Offering a wide range of branded foods, it's always an adventure going to Trader Joe's to see what's new on the shelves. While the classic fan favorites will always reign supreme, Trader Joe's fanatics have recently found a new obsession — Wild Caught Red Argentinian Shrimp.

Even though Trader Joe's already has some shrimp dishes like Argentinian red shrimp with ginger garlic butterhoney walnut shrimp, shrimp fried rice, and a sriracha shrimp bowl, this classic is taking the lead. What is it that makes this frozen bag of shrimp so special? It's typically the products that are a bit different, out of the box, or special that get cleared off the shelf, so what do the fans have to say about this Wild Caught Red Argentinian Shrimp?

What's the hype?

According to Trader Joe's, the Wild Caught Red Argentinian Shrimp "boast flavor and texture so similar to lobster, you might just think the bag was mislabeled." Pretty bold statement for some frozen shrimp. Elliott, the creator behind @callmebelly, took to TikTok to confirm that this shrimp does, in fact, taste like lobster. No wonder people are loving it. Trader Joe's also mentions that the shrimp are large, about 20-25 shrimp per pound, which is always an enticing reason to purchase.

In addition to their flavor and size, these shrimp are wild-caught in Patagonia and not farmed. Claudia Sidoti, the Head Chef of Hello Fresh, told The Kitchn that she is sure to always have these frozen shrimp on hand because wild-caught shrimp can be hard to find. Clearly, this wild-caught red Argentinian shrimp is delicious, but how should you prepare them? Well, simply put, you can use these shrimp as you would any other fresh or frozen — just be sure to thaw them as needed. We recommend trying out this shrimp scampi or garlic butter shrimp!