The Easy Appetizer Bobby Flay Pairs With Both Cocktail Hour And Breakfast

When it comes to entertaining, appetizers are a must. You can count on small bites paired with alcohol to keep a crowd happy and satiated. In fact, if you've ever noticed nuts being served at a bar, which is more of an old time-y thing. The original reason was in the flavor pairing and saltiness. The salt from the nuts helps the beer taste smooth, allowing it to go down much easier, according to VinePair. Salt also makes you thirstier, which according to the outlet, was a bar's way of making more money.

Bar nuts are an easy snack to assemble, as all a bartender has to do is fill a bowl with peanuts from a jar. However, Food Network's Bobby Flay recommends using candied nuts to not only elevate cocktails but transform a meat and cheese board and can even be an ideal topping for yogurt, oatmeal, or pancakes at breakfast or brunch.

Maple-chile glazed mixed nuts

According to Today, when choosing between pre-seasoned mixed nuts from a jar or making them yourself, celebrity chef Bobby Flay recommends choosing the latter. Not only does making them yourself allow you to control what goes in the seasoned nuts, such as the amount of salt, sugar, and spices, but it also allows you to taste the irresistible toastiness when they're still hot from the oven. This makes for an ideal crunchy component to a cocktail, as the sweet and slightly spiciness promotes the flavor of a mixed cocktail, and with the recipe being made without salt, there's no tricking you into consuming more to quench your thirst.

The stovetop candied pecans recipe uses maple syrup, brown sugar, and cinnamon, but you can also add dried chiles de arbol like chef Flay. With the brown sugar and maple syrup simmering in a pot until a syrup forms, this mixture coats the nuts for a glossy finish, making them even more appealing. Bobby suggests making a double batch, storing them in an airtight container, and chopping up leftovers for toppings at breakfast, a side item to charcuterie boards, or as a snack. They will stay good for up to one week.