How Well Does Cilantro Hold Up In The Freezer?

Cilantro is an herb, per the Spruce, that is often used in Mexican and Indian dishes. Britannica shares, for some people, cilantro is similar is taste to parsley but with a citrus flavor. But while some people have a great affection for cilantro in their guacamole or in a lovely pesto, others take one bite of a cilantro-laden dish and feel like they just bit into a bar of soap. If you are among the nearly 20% who dislike this herb, you are in good company. Julia Child wasn't a cilantro fan either. But for all those people who do like this herb and are looking for the best ways to keep cilantro fresh, you may need to only look as far as your freezer to accomplish this task. How does this herb hold up when frozen?

According to HGTV, storing herbs in the freezer is a great way to hold on to the taste and smell of those of fresh herbs we know and with which we love to cook. In fact, freezing them can help to preserve and extend their use well past their normal shelf life. Masterclass shares cilantro is an herb that cannot only be frozen, but one that holds up well when it is.   

What you need to know

According to MasterClass, freezing cilantro is easy as long as you remove it from its stems and mince the leaves. That said, HGTV suggests if you are going to freeze cilantro, you want to do so in water and freeze it into ice cubes which can be accomplished using a standard ice cube tray. When the cilantro has become encapsulated in its little ice block, HGTV recommends placing them into a Ziploc bag or airtight container and storing the cilantro cubes in the freezer until you are ready to use them.

Of course, don't expect the thawed cilantro to be Instagram-worthy. Frozen cilantro does have some limitations in appearance and use. Both HGTV and MasterClass share salads and guacamole are best with fresh cilantro. So, what can you use thawed cilantro in? MasterClass says chutneys and pesto are the perfect foods to add your thawed cilantro to. The Spruce Eats notes that frozen cilantro ice cubes also work well in soups. Additionally, the cooking site notes cilantro that has been frozen can last for up to 6 months in the freezer when stored properly.