The 3 Ingredients Green Chutney Traditionally Uses

If you've never tried green chutney, you're missing out on a classic Indian staple. Also known as dhaniya or dhaniya hari chutney according to Dassana's Veg Recipes, it's herbal, vibrant, and packed with flavor. Being less sweet than some of its fruity alternatives, green chutney adds a fresh element to any traditional spread. This chutney can be served during any meal of the day, and it pairs well with a variety of Indian dishes such as dahi puri chaat, dhokla, samosas, and chapati, the Indian flatbread (via MasterClass).

It can be hard to generalize Indian cuisine as most dishes vary greatly by region, or even household. This holds true when it comes to all chutneys, including green chutney. There are, however, certain ingredients that it tends to include. Most people have their own spin on additional flavor variations, how much of each ingredient is used, and how it is made. So, what are the three staple ingredients of green chutney — or is this a controversial question?

Finding your balance in the blend

As mentioned, green chutney can also be referred to as hari chutney or dhaniya chutney. In Hindi, hari means green. Dhaniya, on the other hand, is the word used for coriander, aka cilantro (via Piping Pot Curry). Knowing this, you can surely guess the first staple ingredient. That's right, it's cilantro. While cilantro tends to feature in green chutney, there are two other ingredients that help bring it all together.

Green chiles are also essential for the perfect green chutney. Not only do they work color-wise, but they add a hint of spice to the dish. Priya Krishna noted to Rachael that the addition of chiles adds a "creeping, lingering heat," and we couldn't agree more. Although it could be left out or minimized if you're not a fan of spicy food, it helps add a punch to the other fresh herbs. The last ingredient is mint, and while it adds to the depth of flavor, it is also the ingredient that sparks the most contention. Indian dishes can vary from household to household and some believe the only way to make green chutney is with mint. Others believe that mint cilantro chutney, or dhaniya pudhina (mint) chutney, is a variation of a more traditional green chutney (via Spice Cravings). We'll leave it up to you to decide which you prefer!