Where Trader Joe's Keeps Its Most Popular Wines

Reverse Wine Snob admits Trader Joe's is known for selling some pretty affordable, private label wine varieties, and while not all bottles are incredible to pour at dinner parties, there are some decent blends stocked on the grocery store's shelves.

Thankfully, Inside Trader Joe's set out to uncover where the best wines are placed and what shoppers should look for as they prowl market's aisles for tonight's method of debauchery. After all, buying wine should be fun, not stressful, so when you finally get home and uncork the bottle you've carefully selected, you feel a sense of pride and relief from making good choices.

Grocery stores take careful consideration when organizing displays and stocking their shelves and Trader Joe's is no exception. If your time is limited and you're set on making your trip to the grocery store a quick in-and-out run, it's helpful to know which aisles to navigate (and which ones to avoid).

Stock up in the stacks

Unlike other stores, explains Inside Trader Joe's, Trader Joe's doesn't sell store space for marketing or advertising dollars. Whatever products are placed on a display rack have been set there by a crew member who has decided that particular item should be seen in that exact position. The product could be delicious, seasonal, or worthy of extra attention, but the point is an employee from the store thought the item is deserving of extra sales.

Similarly, if you're looking for quality wine at a reasonable price point, head to the stacks, recommends Inside Trader Joe's. The wine bottles displayed there are often the best-selling wines at the store, so you can assume any blends placed there are easily drinkable.

Thankfully, if at any point you feel lost navigating the many labels, Trader Joe's team members are some of the most helpful and friendly out there; Don't be afraid to ask for suggestions when making your purchase.