The Simple Trick To Prevent A Mess When Grating Cheese

Cheese delights in all forms. Whether a careful selection of artisanal varieties for the perfect cheese board or a nostalgically feel-good grilled cheese sandwich, this wondrous substance covers the whole culinary spectrum. In the U.S., cheddar is king, being the favorite pick of Americans, according to a 2021 poll by YouGovAmerica. And it's easy to see why — cheddar can be creamy and velvety, or with a bite when aged, notes Wisconsin Cheese.

Cheddar is also great for cooking, turning into the soft ooey-gooey texture everyone loves. For the optimal melt, Castello Cheese recommends grated cheddar, citing it softens faster and more evenly. A quintessential component of iconic dishes, from mac and cheese, to Tex-Mex style enchiladas, you'll want this delectable foodstuff available at all times. 

Perhaps grated cheese's only flaw is the hassle. Prone to going everywhere and oftentimes frustratingly clumpy, its tasty attributes aren't always stress-free. However, there is a way to alleviate the mess.

Slide a resealable bag over the bottom of a grater to prevent a cheesy disaster.

Instagram's Slade Wentworth effortlessly showcases how to grate without unwanted spectacle. Simply slide a resealable bag over the bottom of the grater, and set it on the counter. Shred away, and once done, pop out the bag. Use a lemon to help cleanse the grater, and you'll have a bag of cheesy goodness within minutes — no disaster involved. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal agrees that using a bag is a "grate" idea.

Buying pre-grated cheese may seem like the easier alternative. But while perfectly fine in a pinch, there are several benefits to grating your own. Not only does shredding save money, but pre-grated cheese also contains additives like potato starch and cellulose that aren't found in a block. Such substances prevent clumping during distribution, but their effects also worsen melting during cooking, explains KCET

So, for the perfectly shredded cheese on top of a casserole, reach for the grater. Try to use the whole bag in one go, but if some is left over, store it in the fridge, or freeze it for even longer storage.