The Cocktail Trends Yelp Is Predicting For 2023

Soon we will be heading into a new year, and while New Year's Eve may be filled with a few glasses of bubbly, most will be wondering what 2023 will have to offer. Given that it's been a few long years dealing with the pandemic, we are all hoping for even more time out of the house with those we love. While we've already covered the cocktail trends to expect for fall 2022, expectations may be looking a bit different for the new year, according to Yelp. Whether you love ordering a fancy new cocktail or consider yourself a rockstar at-home mixologist, get ready to try out some new drinks.

Last year, Yelp predicted strong and bitter alcoholic beverages to be on the rise, especially the negroni, as well as classic cocktails mimicking martinis, such as the espresso martini or a cosmopolitan. At the same time, they expected tequila, cognac, and beer flights to both remain and grow in popularity. Interestingly enough, Yelp noted that non-alcoholic alternatives might also feature center stage — an interesting take on a cocktail feature. As this trend continues, however, these non-alcoholic alternatives found their way again into this year's predictions as well.

Drum roll, please!

As hinted, Yelp believes that non-alcoholic cocktail alternatives will continue to be in fashion for 2023, starting off with Michelagua, which had a search increase of 62%, and is expected to grow in popularity this year. Following the trend of its alcoholic sister, the Michelada, the Michelugua is a fun, non-alcoholic version of the Mexican drink using agua fresca in place of beer. Remaining on this alcohol-free trend, Yelp expects mocktails to grow this coming year. With celebrities creating their own lines to full hot spots going booze-free, this one could have been expected. So, you no longer have to order water if you don't feel like drinking.

Finally, something with alcohol (or maybe just some containing alcohol), Yelp predicts even more slushie drinks to pop up all over the country with exciting new flavor combinations. Whether you're adding booze to them or not, frozen drinks are a trend coming for us all. These beverages have proven to reign supreme, from frosé to slushies on Starbucks' secret menu. With a search increase of 77%, it's clear that so many are looking for a spot to try some frozen concoctions. So whether you're an alcohol drinker or not, there is a trend for fun and exciting drinks on the horizon. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with your favorite classic cocktail, maybe switch it up and try something different.