Molly Yeh's Butter Tip For The Best Baked Eggs

Molly Yeh has a bit of a passion when it comes to eggs. The host of Food Network's "Girl Meets Farm" went from living in the Windy City to meeting and marrying her husband, Nick, while at Julliard in New York City and moving to a farm in North Dakota, per Vox. In an interview with The Kitchn, she spoke about her newest cookbook, "Home is Where the Eggs Are," and revealed the title was inspired by her chickens and her husband's love for eggs. In fact, her husband loves this food so much that Yeh even gave him the moniker "Egg Boy" on her blog.

Yeh further explained her title choice, saying, "The title really represents this idea that you turn a house into a home, in my opinion, by cooking something. And it can be as simple as scrambling an egg, because you do that, and you have the smell of the butter cooking, the sound of the crackling, and then gathering around the table to eat together." It's fair to say Yeh has plenty of tips for delicious food favorites, especially for cooking with eggs. And, as it turns out, the country chef shares the best butter tip for baked eggs in this newest collection of recipes, and according to The Washington Post, this is one you will want to add to your culinary repertoire. 

Throw your ingredients into melted butter for a crispy crust

Per The Washington Post, Molly Yeh likens this goat cheese and dill baked eggs dish to a "souffle," but not as fancy. And as a bonus, her recipe gives those leftover herbs from a week's worth of cooking new life using a buttery trick that will leave your family and friends more than satisfied. Yeh says, "You just whisk all the week's leftover herbs with eggs and goat cheese, pour it into a pool of butter (which creates a crisp crust), top lavishly with flaky salt (don't forget this!), and eat immediately." To turn it into a complete meal, Yeh suggests serving it with some rustic bread and a salad. 

The Spruce Eats shares butter turns eggs creamy and "velvety smooth." But does it make eggs greasy? Cook's Illustrated says not in the least, noting cooking eggs in butter does not make them greasy. The cooking site explains that when you don't cook eggs in butter, the egg whites, rich in protein, turn "dense and rubbery," but when you cook them in butter, the butter stops that process. Cook's Illustrated recommends trying frozen butter for best results because it will give your eggs a more "even" cook.