José Andrés' New Show Takes A Tranquil Culinary Journey Through Spain

If you recognize the name José Andrés, then you probably know that this superstar of the culinary world is a talented chef known not only for his acclaimed Spanish-inflected restaurants, including Jaleo, Minibar, and San Laurel, but also for his humanitarian efforts. In the aftermath of Haiti's devastating 2010 earthquake, Andrés founded World Central Kitchen to provide meals to the hungry, an effort that continues globally, most recently aiding Floridians displaced by Hurricane Ian. Oh, yeah, and he's also the guy who brought our smartphones the paella emoji — really. In 2017, according to Food & Wine, Andrés assisted Valencian adman Guillermo Navarro in his quest to get the tiny pan of rice, butter beans, green beans, and lemon into the chats of people everywhere.

Among the restaurant openings, the humanitarian projects, the shaping of the digital conversation, and sending a real paella into space back in March, Andrés is one busy man. Luckily, he was able to ramble around his home country of Spain with his family when filming his new Discovery+ series, "José Andrés and Family in Spain," whose December debut was announced by Food & Wine.

The new series will follow José Andrés and his daughters on their gastronomic adventures

Born in northern Spain in 1969, according to Biography, Spanish chef José Andrés has spent his career showcasing his culinary heritage in ventures such as Mercado Little Spain and Spanish Diner. And though his three daughters — Carlota, Inés, and Lucia — were raised in the United States, the Andrés family continues to place importance on connecting with their Spanish roots. On December 27, according to Food & Wine, Discovery+ will air Andrés' new documentary series, "José Andrés and Family in Spain," which will follow the chef and his daughters as they eat their way around the country.

"Come with me and my family on an amazing journey across Spain where we will eat our way through every region and see what makes Spanish food the best in the world," Andrés wrote in a statement shared with the outlet. The site reports that Andrés and crew will make stops in Madrid, Andalusia, and Valencia, among other destinations, savoring slow-cooked lamb, goat's milk cheeses, and — of course — the perfect paella.

"My daughters have heard endless stories about the people, places, and food that shaped me as a young man, but we got the chance to go visit, meet and taste everything together," Andrés told Food & Wine. "There is no better way to learn about Spanish culture than with a fork and spoon in hand."