Blue Moon Teamed Up With Baked By Melissa For Thanksgiving 'Pie Pints'

Thanksgiving is drawing closer, and when it finally arrives, two things are usually guaranteed to be on your Turkey Day spread: Pie and alcohol. But what if these two feasting staples didn't have to be mutually exclusive? What if, instead, you could knock out two Thanksgiving turkeys with one delicious beer and pie stone? Because, per an announcement from Blue Moon Brewing Company, that's exactly the stroke of genius that inspired Baked by Melissa and Blue Moon to release their new collaborative and exclusive holiday treat.

In honor of Thanksgiving on Nov. 24, 2022, the New York City-based baker known for her Instagram-worthy eats (per Baked by Melissa) and the popular craft beer brand have come together to create Blue Moon Pie Pints. In lieu of the company's usual orange slice, each pack of this line of Blue Moon beers comes with its very own mini-pie garnishes — but these are no ordinary baked goods. In fact, these boozy sweets combine the appeal of Thanksgiving classics like pumpkin pie with flavors that will perfectly complement the beers they've been paired with. Here's what you need to know about a collab that'll give you something delicious to be thankful for.

Fuel your turkey trot with Blue Moon and Baked by Melissa's pie pints

Blue Moon Brewing Company states that its Pie Pints feature three different types of beers paired with three unique mini-pie flavors. The beer varieties and their pie partners include the original Blue Moon, which comes with the spiced citrus pumpkin pie; Blue Moon LightSky, which features the mango and pineapple-inspired tropic sky pie; and Moon Haze, which includes the sweet and orange flavored coconut citrus pie. Blue Moon Brewing Company's website noted that one pack of this line of booze and baked goods, which comes with three beers and three pies, sells for $18.

But if you want to get your hands on this Thanksgiving duo — after all, as Baked by Melissa noted on her Instagram, "Why wouldn't you want to eat pie and drink beer at the same time?!" — your window of opportunity is closing. The pie pints will be sold exclusively on the Blue Moon Pie Pints website until November 11. However, that's not the only way to score this festive treat.

After giving out free beer last summer, Blue Moon is now planning to send its Pie Pints to a select few lucky Turkey Day feasters free of charge. You only need to enter on the giveaway's page and wait until November 20 to see if you'll be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with a pie pint in hand.