Blue Moon Is Offering Free Beer In Exchange For Your Secrets

Just in time for National Tell the Truth Day on July 7, a holiday dedicated to — as the name suggests — telling the truth, one major beer brand is urging customers to dish their juiciest secrets for the chance to win enough beer to keep their cooler well stocked all summer long.

Blue Moon, the Denver-based beer company best known for their Belgian-style wheat ales, just unveiled a new brew-fueled sweepstakes in honor of Moon Haze, the brewery's first "hazy and juicy" pale ale, which debuted last summer (via a press release). The beer company is urging fans to share their juiciest "can-fessions" for the chance to win a year's worth of free brewskies.

To enter, all those ready to spill the tea (or, rather, the beer) simply have to visit the Juicy Canfessions Sweepstakes site and pen a short essay about their most scintillating long-kept secret. "Be warned, Moon Haze isn't just looking for everyday boring confessions — we expect you to be as juicy as we are," the beer company cautioned (via The Drinks Business).

Five winners will take home $500 in beer money

Although Blue Moon urges participants to get juicy with their entries, secret spillers will still have to keep their essays relatively PG in order to secure the $500 grand prize. According to the sweepstakes rules, in order to be eligible, submissions must not be "obscene or indecent," and can't promote drugs, tobacco, violence, firearms, unsafe activities, gambling, prostitution, nudity, profanity, lawbreaking, and a slew of other mildly sordid undertakings. In a nutshell: Keep it family-friendly if you hope to win. Naturally, all entrants must be 21 years old at the time of entry to apply.

At the conclusion of the contest, five winners will be selected via random draw to receive "beer for a year" in the form of a $500 prepaid Mastercard to spend on some cold ones (although if you put the funds towards your astronomical grocery bill instead, we won't tell). Beer enthusiasts have through August 4 to share their can-fession for the chance to win.