The Meal King Charles Almost Always Skips

While medical professionals state that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (via WebMD), a very simple one has not stopped King Charles III from working rigorous hours. The Mirror reports that King Charles only eats fruit and seeds for breakfast. While given the choice of prepared eggs every morning, he instead chooses a seasonal fruit salad, seeds, and tea, according to his former press secretary, Julian Payne (via The National UK).

King Charles also allegedly carries a "breakfast box" when traveling, and, according to Slurrp, it contains six types of honey and muesli. His breakfasts are usually a healthy mix of fresh fruit, muesli, seeds steeped in juice, and tea. Eggs are only eaten for breakfast on the weekends, and later in the day, Slurrp continues. The Daily Mail explains that king advocates eating healthy and encourages people to do the same. No one can argue with a fiber-packed breakfast. But there is one meal that King Charles chooses to skip.

King Charles skips lunch

What is surprising is that this small (although nutritious) breakfast lasts him until 5:00 p.m. when he has tea with Queen Consort Camilla, reports the Mirror. The king has routinely skipped lunch for years. According to former royal correspondent Gordon Rayner (via Hello), King Charles and the queen believe lunch is a luxury that interrupts the work day and interferes with his busy schedule. Those who work for the king have learned to eat a big breakfast or work with a rumbling stomach, reports the Daily Mail.

Eat This Not That confirms that King Charles partakes in boiled eggs at tea time. This meal is not only a short respite from his hard day but features cakes, tea, and an occasional boiled egg. Afterward, King Charles returns to work until his 8:30 p.m. dinner, states the Mirror. But it's no surprise that a health-conscious king who eats fruit for breakfast and skips lunch also eschews dessert, per the Slurrp.