Tropicana Wants To Help You Achieve Perfect Mimosas With OJ Spray Bottle

When setting the scene for the perfect brunch, it's not complete without flutes of bubbly mimosas. This popular drink has been pulling its weight at American brunch tables for quite some time now, with establishments in bigger cities offering a bottomless option for mimosas that just keep flowing. And you can't forget mimosa towers, allowing guests to help themselves throughout the meal.

According to Last Call Trivia, the drink became a go-to morning beverage starting in 1925 when the bartender at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, Frank Meier, put equal parts champagne and orange juice in a wine glass. However, the Buck's Fizz cocktail came first, which was invented in 1921 at Buck's Club in London and featured a much heftier portion of champagne. 

Everyone's mimosa preference is different, with some needing their drink on the citrus-y side and others requiring only a waft of OJ for essence. If you fall into the latter category, not only are you technically drinking a Buck's Fizz, but Tropicana is on your side, creating what might be the most genius mimosa device — an orange juice spray bottle.

The perfect mimosa maker

Tropicana just released their newest invention: The Mimosa Maker, which has quite the catchy tagline, "Perfect mimosas are just a spray away." This device is clever and quite genius, especially for those who prefer just a droplet or two of orange juice in their champagne. Tropicana clearly listens to its audience and this sprayer is designed to make everyone's idea of the perfect mimosa come true. With an adjustable knob for three different spray settings, from Whisper, to Spritz, and Shower, you'll gain full control of how much or how little of the citrus juice you need. This screw-off spray bottle fits any bottle of Tropicana, but here's the kicker: It's not available to the public, you have to enter a sweepstakes to possibly win one.

The sweepstakes begins at 10 a.m. EST on Sunday, November 6, and ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, November 10, according to the official rules on Tropicana's website. Tropicana will be giving away 85 Mimosa maker kits, which include the spray bottle, two champagne glasses, two straws, and one single-serve Tropicana orange juice. You must be 21 or older to participate and can enter here. Your next time hosting brunch will be a breeze thanks to this handy dandy device, so you don't want to miss out!