Why Gael Greene Was Called The 'Insatiable' Food Critic

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Gael Greene started her career as a food critic for New York Magazine in 1968 because of the unlimited free dining that came with the job, even though the salary was low, according to The New York Times. She left her work as a freelance writer in favor of reviewing the city's finest dining and made a name for herself with her critiques.

Though Greene was born and raised in Detroit, she fell in love with New York City after moving there and reportedly considered herself a proud New Yorker. She even co-founded Citymeals on Wheels with James Beard in New York in 1981, a program that helped deliver meals to homebound elderly people on weekends and holidays in the Big Apple.

Greene left New York Magazine in 2008, but her passion remained, according to Citymeals on Wheels. She continued dining at restaurants around the city, writing reviews that she published on her own website. Her love of food was so intense, she was often called — and self-identified as — "insatiable."

She couldn't get enough of what she loved

Gael Greene loved to indulge in her favorite foods. In an interview with PBS, the late food critic told the interviewer that she was often called "insatiable," because she always wanted more of the things that she loved. She elaborated on her nickname, saying "Too much of anything wonderful is just enough for me." Some notable foods she loved most included raspberries, bacon, and chocolate mousse, according to the interview.

Greene fully leaned into the adjective and even made it part of her branding. Her 2006 memoir, which detailed her life and experiences in the culinary review world, complete with her favorite recipes, was titled "Insatiable: Tales From a Life of Delicious Excess" (via The New York Times). Her website — where she posted her reviews, along with her favorite recipes, answered questions from readers, and shared her previous articles — doubled down on the title and was also called "Insatiable Critic." Now that the acclaimed critic has died, we are sure that the work on her website and within her book will be treasured and encourage others to not hold back when it comes to things that they enjoy most.