Starbucks Japan's 2022 Holiday Menu Features A New Red Velvet Drink

Each year as the holiday season grows closer, Starbucks fans anticipate the arrival of the festive drinks that will be added to the menu. While some look forward to indulging in the recurring Peppermint Mocha, others crave something new, and eagerly await details of each year's new drinks. The hype for seasonal products has been going strong since Starbucks debuted its Christmas blend back in 1984 and strengthened when decorative holiday cups were released in 1997 (via The State News).

Though Starbucks started off in the United States, international locations join in on the holiday fun, too. Around the winter holidays, Japanese Starbucks locations offer a creamy caramel almond milk beverage, a toasted white chocolate mocha, and a crème brûlée latte, according to the brand's website. While some of these flavors may have similar drinks available on other menus worldwide — like the Caramel Brulée Latte — there are a few Japanese-exclusive drinks that you can only get in the country. This holiday season, Starbucks Japan is introducing a brand new sweet and fruity drink.

Brightly colored for festive fun

Starbucks Japan has officially announced that it will celebrate this year's holiday season with the release of the Strawberry & Velvet Brownie Frappuccino. The festive drink, designed to replicate the flavor of a red velvet cake, according to SoraNews24, will blend an entire brownie into the base. A strawberry-flavored glaçage sauce will be swirled in, giving the drink its signature red color, as well as adding a burst of fruity flavor. The drink will be topped off with whipped cream, more strawberry sauce, and white chocolate pieces.

If you prefer hot coffee, the chain will also be serving up a similar beverage to satisfy your sweet tooth. The café mocha will have some modifications added to it, in the form of strawberry sauce swirled in and a red velvet brownie crumb topping. The drinks will become available on November 1 and will remain on the Starbucks Japan menu through November 29, or as supplies last.