What A Vegan Thanksgiving Looks Like, According To Tabitha Brown - Exclusive

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It's safe to say that for a lot of Americans, Thanksgiving is not necessarily thought of as a vegetarian- or vegan-friendly holiday. For most of us, the crown jewel of the table is a huge, whole-roasted turkey. Surrounding it are a plethora of sides usually doused in butter, cream, and cheese — from mashed potatoes to macaroni and cheese and green bean casserole. Even those sauteed Brussels sprouts usually get some kind of upgrade (often in the form of bacon), because who's counting calories on Thanksgiving? It may be hard to imagine that this kind of spread can be prepared completely vegan — and still be just as satisfying of a meal — start to finish.

Of course, you've probably never had a seat at Tabitha Brown's Thanksgiving table. In her house, every dish is vegan, even on the holidays, and every bite is better than the last. Her creativity in the kitchen and her infectious personality have launched her to viral success in the foodie world. Now, the actress, best-selling author, and social media star is out with her first cookbook, "Cooking from the Spirit," showcasing some of her favorite vegan recipes — many of which will be gracing her holiday table this year.

We spoke with Brown for some insight ahead of the holiday season. In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Brown explained what a vegan Thanksgiving looks like in her house, sharing some of the delightful plant-based dishes she and her family will be digging into.

Brown's Thanksgiving table

When the cooking is done and it's time to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, Tabitha Brown says the deliciously tantalizing sights and smells coming from her kitchen would have anyone fooled.

"At my house, vegan Thanksgiving, you don't know it's vegan," she told Tasting Table. You'd think you were about to dig into the most traditional of holiday feasts, if it weren't for the one dead giveaway. "All of the things that you have at a traditional Thanksgiving. They're going to still be on my table, other than the turkey ... The only thing is you don't see a big turkey," said Brown. But there are plenty of tasty options to take center stage on the table. As Brown explained, "Sometimes we'll do a tofurkey. There's a lot of different vegan turkey options. I'll do a [vegan] meatloaf, or I'll do mushrooms and gravy."

If we're being honest, the best thing about Thanksgiving dinner is the array of rich, comforting side dishes — and Brown's table is full of them. "I'll still have my yams ... Everybody eats candied yams for Thanksgiving, so you have those," she said. "I'll still have my greens ... I love kale, and we like collard greens as well," Brown added.

Of course, the meal doesn't stop there. "I'll have my potato salad, the cranberry sauce, the stuffing," said Brown. The meal wouldn't be complete without her vegan mac and cheese on the table as well. "Everybody in the South has to have a good mac and cheese at the holidays," she insisted. "For a vegan mac and cheese, you have to make sure you have your oat milk, or your cashew milk, and then your vegan cheese," to make sure it's adequately thick and creamy. As an added bonus, Brown says she adds butternut squash for a little sweetness. "That's also giving you very Thanksgiving feels."

Find these recipes and more in Tabitha Brown's new cookbook, "Cooking from the Spirit." Click here to get your copy.