The Michelin-Star Restaurant That Blends French And Scottish Tradition

When thinking of top destinations for food and drink, Scotland usually isn't the first that comes to mind — unless you're a haggis or whiskey connoisseur – but dedicated purveyors are working hard within the Scottish hospitality industry to challenge that notion. Initiatives like Edinburgh Cocktail Week highlight Scottish professionals turning beverages into art, and a smattering of Michelin stars have been handed out to restaurants throughout the country.

One receiving restaurant in northern Edinburgh is led by chef Tom Kitchin, an award-winning chef who has prepared plates alongside chefs Pierre Koffman, Guy Savoy, and Alain Ducasse (via Beau Monde Traveler). For over a decade, Koffmann held three Michelin stars and set standards within Britain's French culinary world, according to Great British Chefs; Savoy has been a pillar in the Parisian dining scene since the 1980s, notes 50 Best Discovery; and French chef Ducasse was the first to have three restaurants with three Michelin stars at the same time, per his website. Safe to say Kitchin was primed for excellence.

A destination for experience and flavor

Situated in a converted whisky bonded warehouse, The Kitchin operates "from nature to plate," notes Beau Monde Traveler, and uses ingredients sourced from Scotland to create flavorful dishes. Kitchin and his wife opened the establishment in 2006, and the restaurant rose quickly among ranks of the UK's top restaurants, observes Great British Chefs. Per The Kitchin's website, the menu is designed to reflect both Kitchin's training and his Scottish heritage, resulting in a modern cuisine colored by French culinary techniques. 50 Best Discovery cites attention to detail and unparalleled service as additional reasons to visit.

Severs wear kilts and the tartan decor is sumptuously tasteful, writes Condé Nast Traveler, but the plates presented to guests and an impressive drink list are worth additional mention. We're talking pages of wines, inventive cocktails, and booze that can fill up drams to your heart's content. (The Kitchin also stocks actor and Scotsman Sam Heughan's whiskey brand; Edinburgh Live reports Kitchin and Heughan became friends after Heughan's visit filming the docuseries "Men in Kilts" with fellow Scottish actor Graham McTavish.) 

Tasting menus start at $150, and the multiple courses reflect the present season. Delicious meals served in an equally beautiful setting? Sign us up.