The London Restaurant With King Charles-Approved Curry

Royals! They're just like us! According to Hello Magazine, Prince Harry shared that his dad, King Charles, "loves a good curry."

The King's diet, while relatively simple, often doesn't resemble the diets of his subjects. He believes in organic and sustainable farming, and his food choices, which include plenty of fresh, local produce, reflect this. He often starts his day with fresh bread and fruits from his Highgrove garden and some sort of cereal like muesli. Pheasant pie is his favorite for a classic British indulgence, and the Royal chefs forage for wild mushrooms at Balmoral, the Scottish home of the Royal family, which are prepared in tarragon butter and then frozen and shipped to Buckingham Palace.

King Charles also has particular food aversions. He's not a fan of chocolate or coffee, preferring tea. He often skips lunch and, like most of the Royal family, eschews garlic. Its potent odor makes it a no-go for a family always mixing and mingling with other heads of state.

One food he is not averse to, however, is curry. He even teamed up with Katy Perry for the Big Curry Night In, an annual event that raises money for the British Asian Trust, urging people to order a take-away Indian meal and donate to the charity (via People).

King Charles' go-to London curry house

Since King Charles is something of a curry enthusiast, it's no surprise Brilliant, a curry house located in the Southall section of London is considered his favorite restaurant (via My London).

The original Brilliant was opened by Bishen Dass Anand in Nairobi in the 1950s. Anand passed away in 1970, and political pressure in Kenya forced the family to leave in 1973. They landed in London, where the patriarch's food legacy was passed on to his sons, Gulu and Kewal Anand. The brothers opened London's Brilliant in 1975 with just 30 seats. After seven expansions — and several decades — the restaurant now has room for over 200. However, it remains family-run in the same location. Gulu's daughter, Dipna Anand, now leads the kitchen (via HerStory).

King Charles is not Brilliant's only celebrity fan. According to Hello Magazine, it was voted "Ramsay's Best Restaurant" and praised by the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay for its "proper authentic Indian cooking... from the heart." Kevin Costner frequents when he's in London, and the "Eastenders" cast makes regular appearances.

With its plentiful vegetarian and vegan options, the Hello notes the Punjabi recipes with Kenyan influences served at Brilliant are perfect for King Charles' health-conscious diet. According to Express, the Royal goes meatless two days a week and completely vegan one day a week, which makes Brilliant a perfect go-to when he's dining out. Dishes like aloo gobi and vegetable keema are excellent options for a Meatless Monday.