Hydrox Cookies Vs. Oreos: What's The Difference?

Oreo may have branded itself "milk's favorite cookie," but before its creation, there was actually another, more popular sandwich cookie on the market. Hydrox cookies debuted in 1908 and were briefly renamed "Droxies" from 1999 to 2003 after ownership passed to Keebler before they were removed from store shelves altogether, according to Leaf Brands. In 2015, Leaf Brands acquired ownership and rebranded the cookies. 

Meanwhile, Oreos were released in 1912, four years after Hydrox cookies (via Mondelez International). The cookies have been through several changes throughout the years, but have remained on shelves for over a century, even adding a few new flavors along the way. Eventually, Oreo overtook Hydrox cookies in popularity. 

Back in 2018, Hydrox actually sued Mondelez, the makers of Oreo, for lost profits due to similarities between the products, reports Food Business News, though it's unclear if this suit ever amounted to anything. Though both cookies appear visually similar and base themselves on the same flavor notes, how similar are they actually?

The more popular brand might be a knockoff

Though it may be a minor difference, the pattern on the chocolate cookies differs between brands, reports Yahoo!. So similar that, at first glance, consumers may not be able to tell them apart without looking a little more closely at the details. Oreo cookies feature a floral design with the brand name stamped in the middle of each cookie, while Hydrox cookies have a swirled pattern with no name.

The major difference comes into play with the subtle taste differences between each brand. The Hydrox brand outer cookies are reportedly a little crunchier but taste more strongly of chocolate — which could help them hold up better when dunked in milk. Oreo cookies may be crumblier, but they also have a slightly sweeter flavor. The cream in between cookies differs as well, with Hydrox opting for a smoother, less sweet option. Oreo icing is thicker in consistency and adds some extra sweetness.