Are Double Stuf Oreos Actually Double Stuffed?

Oreos are a timeless snack with no signs of slowing down in popularity. According to a 2014 study, the famous chocolate sandwich cookie with vanilla creme filling is the top-selling cookie across the globe (via Quartz). Whether you dunk your Oreos in milk or prefer them on the drier side, you've most likely caught yourself reaching for a pack of these sweet treats when needing a quick sugar fix.

The Oreo brand is no stranger to shaking up the original recipe. In addition to limited-edition variations, Oreo continues to pump out unique Oreo flavors that fill the shelves of grocery stores year-round. One of the most popular innovations to the classic cookie is undoubtedly the Double Stuf variety (via Statista).

Naturally, you would expect a Double Stuf Oreo to have double the "stuf" than an original Oreo cookie. But does it really contain twice as much creme filling? One high school math class decided to find out once and for all, and the answer might surprise you.

Tipping the scales

According to CNN, Dan Anderson, a math teacher in New York, had his class put the double-stuffed claims to the test in 2013. The class experimented by calculating the weight of Double Stuf Oreos in all their shining glory versus the weight of the single stuffed variety and factoring in the weight of the plain chocolate wafers. As a result, the class concluded that the Double Stuf Oreos contained less than twice as much creme as the original cookie.

Instead of double the amount of creme filling, according to the class's findings, the Double Stuf cookies had only 1.86 times the creme as the original. That's 7% less creme than expected per cookie. When pressed on the issue, Kimberly Fontes, a spokeswoman for the cookie giant, made clear that despite the findings, the recipe for Double Stuf Oreos is made with double the creme filling that the original Oreo is made with (via ABC News).

Insider duplicated the study with similar findings. In their own experiment, reporters found Double Stuf Oreos to contain 1.91 times as much creme filling as the original. Though Double-Stuf-Gate isn't entirely scientific, the results are nonetheless surprising. So no matter your Oreo-eating method, the next time you're looking to maximize your creme filling, you might be better off putting two original Oreos together instead of reaching for the Double Stuf package.