Dinner In The Sky: The World's Most Daring Dining Concept

From dining on trains to eating in a former prison or celebrating a special occasion on an island, Belgium has its share of interesting culinary experiences to choose from. Yet Dinner in the Sky takes dinners quite literally higher than all the others. Signing up to attend one of these dinners means you are strapped and buckled into a lit platform that is hoisted 150 feet into the sky by cranes. The unique dining experience can include live musicians, and participants are served plated courses on a fully set dining table. If you want to see how you might fare hoisted about the earth, you can watch a video of an experience produced in Malaysia.

The aerial culinary experience began in 2006 when communication agency Hakuna Matata joined forces with installation company The Fungroup, explains Dinner in the Sky. Since then, the company has produced over 5,000 unique dinner events, with beach bars, operas, and poker matches taking place in the air. As Culture Trip observes, though chefs are limited in terms of space and accessible equipment on the elevated platforms, the served meals are considerably impressive.

An adrenaline-fueled dining experience

Though the idea began in Belgium, unique dining events have been held in more than 60 countries, notes the company website, with flying platforms lifted above the Grand Canyon, canals in Venice, Paris' Jardins des Tuileries, the city of London, Cannes' Bay of Angels, and Sydney's harbor. As listed on the product page, the Original Dinner in the Sky has spun off into several other experiential concepts: Dinner in the Sky 2.0, Santa in the Sky, Marriage in the Sky, Movie in the Sky, and Concert in the Sky. If you have a dream about eating and drinking in the air, this company is determined and seemingly well-qualified to make it happen, no matter how over-the-top it might seem.

To experience an aerial meal for yourself, you'll need to buy tickets in advance. Upcoming dinner locations include Punta Cana and Dubai, and prices range from $160 for brunch to $1,180 for private dining. For those with extra mettle, Insider shows a video of diners leaning back in their chair for an added adrenaline boost — that's certainly one way to get your heart racing at dinnertime.