Halloween Treats From The 1950s Are Still Popular Today

Look, if adults could trick-or-treat without being judged, they would. Parents, in particular, fulfill their desire for freely obtained sweets by pilfering from their children's candy bags in what's referred to as "Parent Tax." We all want whatever treats we've collected on Halloween night or that extra bag of candy we "accidentally" forgot to open to last us as long as possible. But there is another kind of staying power that will outlast even the best attempts of preserving the Halloween harvest: popularity. 

As proof of this, let's go back in time, say to the 1950s. Upon examination of the collected treats of the time, how many do you think would be the exact same as those collected in 2022? More than you might think. Though times have changed dramatically — according to Parade, trick-or-treats in the '50s were homemade instead of store bought — some Halloween treats have had impressive staying power. 

Certain name brand candies, as well as from-scratch treats remain as popular today as they were 70 years ago. And we're going to tell you what they are. 

Some things never get old

The 1950s was really when trick-or-treating evolved into the beloved institution it is today. According to PBS, in the years following World War II, Halloween and trick-or-treating became very much about bringing neighborhoods closer together. People would get together to make pumpkin shaped sugar cookies or black and orange frosted devil's food cupcakes. There are, however, other treats from this decade that are instantly recognizable today. 

On the candy front we have that love-it-or-hate-it, tricolored triangle: the candy corn. This polarizing sweet has been popular since it was first invented in 1898 and routinely sells over 20 million pounds a year. More homemade treats, like popcorn balls and caramel apples, are classics that everyone loves. These two treats were particular favorites in the 1950s, with popcorn balls being a beloved party favor and caramel apples being the invention of the decade that has really stuck to the roof of our mouths (via Parade). 

Food Timeline lists other currently popular sweets like Hershey's Kisses, Tootsie Rolls, and jelly beans, which were also commonplace in the 1950s.