The Fresh Ingredient Swap That Can Take The Place Of Mayo

When it comes to making a sandwich or adding a condiment to a burger, few things can compare to the creamy, tasty addition of mayonnaise. While some people don't care for mayo, it does help to keep a sandwich from becoming too dry. There is a drawback to it, though. Mayo is high in calories and fat content because it's made from eggs and oil, as noted by Food Network.

There are some lower-calorie substitutes, including commercially made vegan mayonnaise or making your own mayo using only egg whites instead of the whole egg or the yolk. But while using egg white mayo does solve the problem with calories, it doesn't work for people who are vegan, don't eat eggs, or just don't care for mayo. There is a substitution that provides you with a creamy experience like you get from mayonnaise and you may already have one in your kitchen.

An avocado is a healthy substitute

According to Healthline, using avocado on your sandwiches, wraps, and burgers can be a great swap for mayo. This healthy, fresh ingredient is the perfect substitution because it's creamy and unlike mayonnaise, it's full of healthy fat. As Medical News Today reports, avocados are loaded with not only flavor, but numerous health benefits including protection from chronic diseases, they have antimicrobial properties, they promote natural detoxification, and they can improve digestion, among other benefits.

When it comes to the way you prepare the avocado when swapping it out for mayo, there aren't hard and fast rules to follow. You can use your creativity, and your appetite, as your guide. Two popular ways to use it are placing slices on your bread, or by taking a ripe avocado and mashing it so that it spreads, as Love One Today mentions. No matter if it's sliced, mashed, or served some other way, try it on your next sandwich and enjoy the health benefits that this substitution provides.