The Spooky Halloween Cocktails People Are Searching For The Most

October 31 may be known as a kid-friendly candy fest, but as far as adults are concerned, celebrating Halloween is all about spirits — and we're not talking about ghosts. For example, Thrillist reports that anyone who can get through NYC's terrifying Madhouse on Mulberry gets to reward themselves by scoring a pumpkin-themed drink at the haunted house's bar. And LA's House of Spirits allows Halloween lovers to enjoy a spooky evening of interactive theater fun with a drink in their hand.

But although these events are sure to be a scream, The Takeout reports that many Americans seem to be planning on celebrating fright night with a Halloween cocktail party of their own. Because lately, 21+ ghouls and goblins have been haunting Google by looking up fall cocktail recipes that would make the most wicked of monsters crack a smile. From witches to brain hemorrhages, here are the top five spooktacular drinks that All Hallows' Eve fanatics can't stop searching for.

Here for the boos

In the name of ghoulish Halloween spirit, we'll be reporting the ranking from the bottom up. And to start off, The Take Out shared that the haunted drink recipe that took the fifth most-searched spot was black magic margaritas. If you're wondering what could possibly beat out a shimmering glass of silver tequila and lime juice (per Delish), you should ask the Sanderson sisters. Because claiming the title of fourth most-searched was "Hocus Pocus," which if typed in the Google search bar will yield spellbinding recipes inspired by the cult classic like Simplistically Living's gold rum and pineapple juice concoction. 

In third place was a search for cocktail ideas influenced by another classic Halloween flick — though you don't want to say this one's name three times. A raspberry liqueur and blue curacao drink, Beetle Juice cocktails like Bread Booze Bacon's are best paired with black and white straws. However, the second most looked-for cocktail is where things get messy. 

Despite its grueling name, the Irish cream liqueur and peach schnapps-filled "brain hemorrhage shot" is more than likely going to make an appearance at your friend's Halloween party. And the number one most-sought-after Halloween cocktail proves that the classics reign supreme. Witch's Brew, a drink that can be served a dastardly purple — with the help of food coloring – or horribly green color (thanks to melon liqueur), will be bewitching many partiers this Halloween night.