The Old School British Treat Perfect For Halloween

Halloween isn't typically celebrated in England the same way that it is in America. Insider says that Guy Fawkes Day, celebrated on November 5, is the more important holiday. The holiday commemorates the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 — an assassination attempt on King James I and Parliament, as per History. The plot was stopped when the real Guy Fawkes was discovered with barrels of gunpowder and the conspirators were later executed for their crimes. The holiday was created to celebrate thanks that the plot was unsuccessful. Celebrations often include fireworks, bonfires, and burning effigies of Guy Fawkes.

On Guy Fawkes Day, it was common for people to make homemade sweets to pass out to children on the night of the celebration, according to ChronicleLive. Though the site reports that the tradition has died out in recent years, Insider states that Halloween celebrations have gained popularity in England in recent years, and could eventually overtake Guy Fawkes Day. As more and more people celebrate the holiday each year, there is one treat that could be brought back for trick-or-treating.

This sweet was popular for a different holiday

Though most Halloween candy is store bought in America, the English often made their sweets at home to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day. One of the most popular treats of the past is treacle toffee: A dark colored, hard toffee made from black treacle (or molasses, for an easier substitution), corn syrup, and demerara or brown sugar, according to Delighted Cooking. The sweet goes by several different names, including bonfire toffee, plot toffee, and tom trot (via ChronicleLive).

Though it was typically homemade, entire communities would work together to pass it out to children on Guy Fawkes Day. Today, the toffee can be found in candy shops, though it is usually seasonal and only available during fall months. Pieces of the toffee can be broken into irregular shapes, or cut neatly for a more precise look. Once the candy has cooled, it can be served as-is or passed out in plastic bags. If you're looking for a more unique sweet to hand out for Halloween this year, consider making your own bonfire toffee!