LA's Viviane Once Served A Menu Inspired By A Christmas Story

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid," is an unmistakable line that, arguably, most Americans correctly pinpoint to "A Christmas Story," the 1983 movie that lives in the hearts of millions. The classic has become so synonymous with the holiday season that Turner Broadcasting has aired the film for 24 hours straight beginning on December 24th for the last 25 years, via The Retro Network. Generations X, Y, and Z have helplessly fallen in love with the main character, Ralphie, whose obsession with receiving a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas creates the basis of the movie.

Along with tree ornaments and menorahs, it's not unusual to spot nods to the film in the form of pink bunny pajamas and glowing leg lamps amongst holiday decorations and gifts. The home that acted as Ralphie's house, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is now open all year for tours and even overnight stays for the most loyal of fans. Yes, it seems fans are so charmed with "A Christmas Story" that they are happy to take part in or purchase anything that symbolizes one of their favorite holiday films. So imagine their delight in 2015 when Beverly Hills' Viviane restaurant gave fans a literal taste of their beloved classic when they created a dinner inspired by the movie. It's doubtful that anyone had to be triple-dog-dared into making a reservation.

Dinner, Chop Suey Palace style

Michael Hung, Viviane's Chef, grew up watching "A Christmas Story," a movie that made an impression on him in the way it portrayed the Asian-American characters in one of the last, and unforgettable, scenes of the movie (via Los Angeles Magazine). Ralphie and his family are devastated to learn that their neighbor's dogs have snuck into their home and eaten every last scrap of their much anticipated roast turkey. They find themselves at the Bo Ling Chop Suey Palace, fortunately open and empty, where they are treated to a round of carols sung by the cheerful staff, and their first ever Chinese "turkey," aka roast duck, head, beak, and all.

To pay homage to this scene, Hung created the "Dinner at Chop Suey Palace" menu and served it to hungry film buffs on Christmas Day 2015. It, of course, included duck along with shrimp, scallop, and smoked chicken ragout, braised shiitake mushrooms with sunchokes, romanesco, and garlic, and beignets with black sesame anglaise and almond milk panna cotta. 

Seven years after this feast, "A Christmas Story" fans have once again jumped out of their seats at the news that a sequel to the movie will debut on HBO Max in November 2022, per Variety. The film will star Peter Billingsley, who portrayed Ralphie, plus a number of other original stars to the film. Here's hoping that Hung will once again wow diners with his movie-inspired creations at this news.