What Emily 'Maangchi' Kim Thinks Is The Most Underrated Korean Food In The U.S. - Exclusive

Korean cuisine provides some of the most popular dishes for foodies to try — for example, kimchi is a well-known recipe that dates back centuries with its traditional ingredients of salted and fermented vegetables. But Korean foods have also evolved over the years, with Emily "Maangchi" Kim representing the community through her popular YouTube channel. The food influencer — nicknamed the "Korean Julia Child" — currently has over 6 million subscribers who follow her creative takes on traditional Korean recipes, including her delicious twist on Korean fried chicken.

During an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Maangchi revealed the biggest mistakes people make with kimchi, her top tips on Korean barbecue, and what she believes is the most underrated Korean food. And while Maangchi's favorite street food is a spicy rice cake from her childhood, there is one recipe from her heritage that you may not know if you've been living in the U.S. without access to much Korean cuisine.

Maangchi thinks naengmyeon is underrated

Emily "Maangchi" Kim told Tasting Table that when she first began sharing her recipes, not many people were aware of a lot of Korean dishes. The cookbook author claims that more people have learned about the traditions of Korean food through social media. Hangover stew, instant noodles, and soft tofu stew are just some examples of Korea's most popular dishes that have been trending elsewhere (per CNN Travel). But naengmyeon is one meal that Maangchi says is totally underrated.

She explained, "They're cold noodles. Whenever I make it, that's my favorite. You need an acquired taste. A lot of people, the first time they try it, will say, 'Well, what is it? Why are the noodles cold?' They don't like it." But the social media star explained that "once you get some familiarity with the dish, you love it," adding that the dish is both "delicious" and her "favorite."

According to Maangchi's website, the dish is traditionally made for hot summer days, although she likes to make it all year round. The recipe consists of icy cold Korean noodles served with a cold broth. If you can brave eating something chilly during the cooler months, you don't need to wait until next summer to enjoy this tasty dish!

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