The Unique Ingredient Emily 'Maangchi' Kim Puts In Her Korean Fried Chicken - Exclusive

By now, fried chicken enthusiasts have heard a variety of tips and tricks on how to get the perfect bird, and there are plenty of places to source inspiration from. Though KFC seemingly dominates the fried chicken industry, many other fast food chains have added chicken to their menus (do the chicken sandwich wars ring a bell?). Even Alton Brown has his own fried chicken technique, in which he skips seasoning the chicken with flour. But no matter whether you prefer Nashville's hot chicken or the classic chicken fingers, the meal is a staple in itself — and Korean fried chicken is no exception.

According to Food Worth Writing For, the dish originated from South Korea in the late 1940s. But YouTube star Emily "Maangchi" Kim is one modern food influencer whose take on the dish is making waves. The YouTube personality — currently with 6.1 million subscribers — is nicknamed "the Korean Julia Child," so you know her tips carry some weight. In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, she revealed exactly what she puts in her Korean fried chicken, gracefully disclosing the special ingredient she uses in her recipe to take your taste buds to the next level.

Maangchi adds mustard to her Korean fried chicken

If you are hoping to make Korean fried chicken for dinner, Emily "Maangchi" Kim has you covered. The social media star walked us through her process, saying, "When I marinate the chicken, before adding marinade, I soak it in the milk, and the milk removes all the gamey smell." However, Maangchi admitted that the way she makes Korean fried chicken is not necessarily the authentic Korean way.

She explained, "My grandmother would not make this kind of thing. I'm always trying to make the taste better." She also adds a non-traditional ingredient for some extra flavor: the popular backyard barbecue condiment, mustard. The food influencer revealed, "Also [with] fried chicken, I add a little bit of mustard, and when people taste it, [they] go, 'What's in it? [That's] a little bit different taste.'"

Maangchi also told Tasting Table that she likes to "keep developing that kind of recipe" with a small twist on traditional favorites, so be sure to watch out for some new videos on her beloved YouTube channel — your taste buds will undoubtedly thank you.

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