Best Korean Food In NYC

Sung Park's French-inspired dining room reopens in Brooklyn tonight

Korean food in NYC isn't all barbecue and soju bombs on 32nd Street: One of the city's most anticipated openings is reinventing the East Asian cuisine, all in the heart of Brooklyn.

Having refreshed its space, Brasserie Seoul relaunches tonight in Downtown Brooklyn, and chef Sung Park is adding a European twist to the cuisine of his upbringing. You'll see his classic French training and travels through Marseille come into play with items like kimchi bouillabaisse that adds house-fermented napa cabbage to the seafood stew, pasta with a gochujang beurre blanc and beef bourguignon made with Korean dates, shiitake mushrooms and fresh horseradish.

Stop by for breakfast and brunch, when Park is also serving rice cake waffles with a red bean sauce, and the words avocado toast are anything but an Instagram trope, thanks to gochugaru chile flakes and vincotto sauce. Scroll through to see the rest of Brasserie Seoul's menu.

Chef Sung Park.

Local oysters topped with confit pork belly and shiso.

Roast bone marrow with caramelized kimchi.

Brasserie Seoul's caviar and egg.

Truffled Korean rice cakes with béchamel sauce and gochugaru.

Wagyu steak tartare topped with Korean pear, quail egg yolk and wasabi oil. 

Park's take on bouillabaisse, which includes fried tofu, rice gnocchi and homemade Napa cabbage kimchi.