The 17 Best Filet Mignons In New York City

There is perhaps no entree that is classier or more universally loved than filet mignon. This quality cut of meat is perfectly tender when cooked correctly, and it pairs wonderfully with everything from asparagus to mashed potatoes. While filet mignon can be cooked at home, many restaurants have perfected the art of the filet in a way that makes it best enjoyed while dining out. Since New York City is home to some of the best restaurants and steakhouses in the country, it should come as no surprise that this concrete jungle is an ideal place to order filet mignon.

From traditional and elegant steakhouses to more modern hotspots, you can expect to find some sort of preparation of filet mignon on most menus in New York City. That said, there are plenty of innovative ways to serve filet mignon that extend beyond the typical serving style. In order to help you find your ideal dish, we've rounded up where to find the best filet mignons in New York City.

Quality Meats NYC

Quality Meats elevates your local butcher shop into a fine dining experience. Both the interior design and the conceptualization of the menu draw inspiration from the classic New York City butcher shop experience. The dining room blends warm wood and steel to create a style that is reminiscent of a classic butcher shop, while the menu takes simple and classic deli flavors to the highest potential. Thanks to Quality Meats expertise and careful attention to the execution of its meat, it is no surprise that the filet mignon is a showstopper.

The Quality Meats N.Y.C. menu features two preparations of filet mignon. One is a classic filet cut that is available on both the lunch and dinner menus. It is best enjoyed with any of the delicious steakhouse sides. The lunch menu also featured a sliced filet mignon and horseradish dish served with country bread, bright haricot verts for some freshness, and savory onion rings.

Smith & Wollensky

If there is one thing Smith & Wollensky knows, it is how to properly source, age, and execute incredible steak. This classic New York City steakhouse dry ages and butchers up to 12 tons of beef at a time in-house, ensuring the highest quality and superior preparation of protein. The menu features four preparations of quality filet mignon. First, the traditional au Poivre preparation has the filet crusted in black pepper and a classic french butter brandy sauce.

There is also a spiced cajun preparation which is served with a decadent Roquefort cheese topping, as well as a surf and turf dish with a delicate lobster tail on the side. Guests at Smith & Wollensky are also able to enjoy a variety of classic and thoughtful steakhouse side dishes such as a variety of potato preparations, cooked greens, and mac and cheese.

Keens Steakhouse

Keens Steakhouse has been serving up some of the highest quality beef in New York City since 1885. All of the steaks are USDA prime grade, hand chosen, and dry-aged in-house, ensuring the highest level of freshness and flavor on each plate. The extensive steak menu features an 8-ounce as well as a 12-ounce filet mignon.

Guests are able to enjoy this delicious and delicate cut with one of four house-made sauces, which are a classic french peppercorn and butter au Poivre, a creamy bearnaise made with clarified butter, egg yolk, vinegar, and herbs, as well as a mushroom sauce and a red wine sauce. While Keens is most widely known for its steaks, the menu also features impressive seafood dishes including tank-fresh Maine lobster that is cooked to order.

Freemans Restaurant

Located in Downtown Manhattan, Freemans is a hip colonial tavern that is known for serving up some of the best steaks in the city while still managing to fly somewhat under the radar. The seared filet mignon is cooked to perfection, and it is considered to be a signature entree at Freemans. The crisp and charred exterior is met with a tender center that creates a harmonious bite for any carnivore.

The filet mignon at Freemans is served with a pretty tall side of mashed potatoes and a spicy horseradish cream that adds some intensity to the dish. The filet is also served with an entire roasted onion that adds taste, texture, and a visual appeal. For an elevated experience, ask your server for a recommended wine pairing.

Club A Steakhouse

Between the red walls and an endless array of black and white photos, Club A Steakhouse sets the scene for a sleek and stylish dinner in the heart of the city. The classic white table cloths are topped off with slender candles and bright red roses, making Club A Steakhouse a romantic destination The petit filet is a 10-ounce cut that is USDA Prime certified and dry-aged in-house.

There are five sauce options available that include au Poivre, bearnaise, bordelaise, the house Club A steak sauce, and hollandaise. When it comes to sides, patrons can enjoy classics like creamed spinach and baked potato with sour cream and chives. That said, the whipped potato puree is a more unique potato option that creates a contrast in texture with the filet.

The Ricardo Steakhouse

Located in the heart of Harlem, The Ricardo Steakhouse artfully combines the traditional Manhattan steakhouse experience with the cultural richness of the area. The open kitchen allows guests to watch the chefs hard at work, providing dinner and a show. Between this and the art-covered walls of the dining room, The Ricardo Steakhouse boasts a lively and creative atmosphere that is truly unique to this establishment.

The filet mignon is so renowned at The Ricardo Steakhouse that it is found in multiple dishes across the menu. If you're looking for a lighter way to enjoy the delicious cut of meat, the filet mignon salad pairs the steak with peppery baby arugula, parmesan, apples, walnuts, honey, and a bright lemon vinaigrette to offset the richness of the steak. Looking for a more traditional preparation? The 8-ounce seared filet mignon dish is served with roasted red bliss potatoes, garlic spinach, and a house-made green peppercorn sauce, offering a spin on a classic filet and potatoes.

Strip House

Recognized by Zagat, Forbes Magazine, and The New York Times for having some of the best steaks in New York City, this burlesque-inspired steakhouse is a must-try for filet mignon fanatics. With three locations across Manhattan, Strip House offers a truly classic steakhouse menu. Enjoy a little surf and turf by starting off with something fresh from the raw bar. Strip House has everything from oysters to shrimp cocktails, along with other classics like the Americana wedge salad.

That said, the steaks are the real stars of Strip House. Guests are able to customize their filet mignon, with an option for an 8-ounce or a 12-ounce filet. They are then able to choose from one of the seven steak "enhancements," including traditional sauces such as au Poivre, bordelaise, bearnaise, and blue cheese, as well as more creative preparations like a bright chimichurri aioli, a black truffle hollandaise, or even a crab "Oscar Style."

Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Wolfgang's Steakhouse is open seven days a week and even on major holidays, making it a fan favorite for New York locals. With a passion for tradition and artisanal preparation of their steak, chef and owner Wolfgang Zwiener hand selects each side of USDA Prime Black Angus Beef that enters the restaurant. The incredible protein is then dry-aged on-site and butchered by the establishment's in-house butcher daily into the signature porterhouse, prime New York sirloin, rib eye, and of course filet mignon cuts.

This careful curation and preparation of the beef make Wolfgang Steakhouse's filet mignon an absolute standout. Check out the decadent lobster mac and cheese or fresh mozzarella and beefsteak tomato salad to round out the incredible filet with some of the equally delicious sides.

La Sirène

La Sirène is a French Bistro that has been servicing the city since 2008. The food at La Sirène is bright and flavorful, following classic French recipes that feature traditional ingredients. There are three different locations in Soho, the Upper West Side, and Taureau. When it comes to starters, it is best to stick with a French specialty like the buttery escargot or French onion soup.

That said, the most popular signature entree at La Sirène is the Tournedos Rossini, which is a seared filet mignon topped with foie gras. While the filet is seared, the foie gras is not, resulting in an incredibly rich topping that is met with bright flavors from the decadent sauce that is made with shallots, port red wine, and truffle.

Gallaghers Steakhouse

Having opened as a Theater District speakeasy in 1927, Gallaghers Steakhouse takes pride in being Broadway's first steakhouse. With star-studded artwork and nods to the establishment's underground past lining the walls, Gallaghers continues to offer a swanky, "best-kept secret" heir to its service.

While the extensive menu offers a wide variety of incredible steak, seafood, and side options, the house specialty filet mignon proves to be a true standout. Served either in a 10 or 14-ounce portion, the filet features Gallaghers' unique take on the classic au Poivre preparation. The filet is crusted with blue cheese, bone marrow, and black pepper, giving the steak a bold and complex flavor profile that pairs beautifully with the more delicate Maker's Mark au Poivre sauce. The entire dish is infused with decadent mushroom garlic butter, bright and spicy cajun seasoning, and sweet chili to round out this one-of-a-kind dish.

Tuscany Steakhouse

A newer addition to the New York City steakhouse scene, Tuscany Steakhouse combines classic steakhouse cuisine with Italian fare. Guests at Tuscany Steakhouse are able to start their meal off with a catch of the day seafood tower, fresh half-shell oysters, and a bright and zesty tuna tartare before diving into the steak side of the menu. The signature in-house dry-aged USDA Prime filet mignon is prepared traditionally, offering simple yet delicious flavors that pair perfectly with Tuscany's sides.

Since the sides are so large and served family-style, it is best to order a few and share them amongst the table. The creamy mashed potatoes create a more standard steak dinner, while the lobster mac and cheese offers a more decadent and luxe experience.


Boucherie is another French hotspot that serves a classic and traditional menu. There are four different locations across the city, each one boasts a stunning and transportive setting in West Village, Union Square, and beyond. The menu is pretty extensive and reminiscent of restaurant menus in Paris, meaning there are plenty of options to explore. In fact, there are several different menus that change throughout the day, ranging from brunch to lunch to late lunch to dinner.

At dinner, patrons are able to order the grilled filet mignon. This tender filet is cooked to your liking and served with spinach puree and classic glazed cipollini onion. The truffle butter that is placed on top of the filet takes taste to the next level, but you can also order some pommes frites on the side for an elevated take on steak frites.


In addition to top-notch Korean BBQ, COTE is also famous for its 1,200+ label wine list and its in-house dry-aging room. The concept was started by Simon Kim and blends the art of Korean BBQ with the traditional American steakhouse. This interactive dining experience is met with quality meats, while the smokeless grills keep the atmosphere clean and inviting. In fact, COTE is New York City's first-ever Korean steakhouse, giving it a special edge and history.

Of course, there are several different cuts of meat to choose from, but the USDA Prime filet mignon is flawless in both taste and texture. There are also several Korean-inspired accompaniments to choose from like kimchi stew. If you're looking for a light starter, the shrimp cocktail and caviar service are both elegant and elevated options.

Porter House

Porter House is run by renowned chef and owner Michael Lomanoco and specializes in seasonally-inspired, contemporary American cuisine. The restaurant overlooks Central Park and Columbus Circle, providing incredible views that complement the sleek interior. Whether you choose to sit at a table or at the bar, Porter House offers delicious food, an impressive wine list, and a collection of craft cocktails for any occasion.

The quality of beef at Porter House allows for a simple yet delightful preparation of filet mignon. The filet is served only with the house-made maitre d' butter, which is a bright and herbaceous compound butter made with lemon and parsley. You can pair this dish with one of the vintage red wines for an elevated experience that you won't soon forget.

Royal 35 Steakhouse

Located just up the street from the Empire State Building, Royal 35 Steakhouse provides a classic steakhouse setting in the center of the city. Its diverse selection of USDA Prime beef is all dry-aged for 30 to 35 days in-house, making steak the star of the show. The filet mignon pairs perfectly with a side of hand-cut French fries and sautéed mushrooms. However, the lobster mac and cheese is another side that shouldn't be skipped.

If you or someone in your group prefers seafood, Royal 35 Steakhouse also has an impressive array of fish and shellfish. From grilled Chilean sea bass to twin lobster tails, Royal 35 Steakhouse is the perfect place to create a surf and turf selection that is complemented by craft cocktails or quality vino.

Hanoi House

Considering it specializes in Vietnamese cuisine, Hanoi House might be a surprising spot to find a top-notch filet-focused dish. However, the shaking beef, also called bo luc lac, is a dish that features filet mignon in a garlic-butter soy sauce over steamed white rice. It is also served with roasted bone marrow for extra richness and a watercress salad for a lighter touch. While this unique dish pairs wonderfully with a simple glass of red wine, the innovative cocktails at Hanoi House are also a great option.

From the tequila-forward Queenie to the refreshing Concrete Jungle with El Dorado rum, there are plenty of craft cocktails to explore. If you're looking for a light starter before the filet mignon, both the poached shrimp salad and the sauteed little clams work well.

Zou Zou's

Zou Zou's boasts a trendy and European-inspired atmosphere that sets the scene for a stellar steak dinner. The Mediterranean menu features everything from traditional Turkish bread to hot kasseri cheese. That said, the filet mignon, which is called the Yemeni Au Poivre Kebab, is a tender and flavorful dish that is the perfect portion for dinner. The peppercorn hawaij gives the filet a nice kick without overpowering the natural flavors of the steak.

If you're looking to add some surf to your turd, the raw selections are a great way to enhance your filet. From the Kumamoto oysters to the day boat scallops with hibiscus and raspberry, these light and refreshing seafood options balance out the heartiness of Zou Zou's beloved steak. When it comes to sides, the charred broccoli with cashew harissa is a solid complement.