The Reason You Should Try Making Eggs On A Sheet Pan

Despite what Hallmark movies and family sitcoms may lead you to believe, most weekday mornings don't start with a lavish breakfast spread of waffles, fruit, and orange juice. In fact, The Independent reports that one in four adults skip breakfast most of the time. Although there are varying opinions about whether opting out of breakfast is bad for you, a study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that skipping meals could increase inflammation and affect glucose balance.

If you're looking for a quick way to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, eggs are a nutritious and tasty option. According to WebMD, eggs are chock-full of protein and can help increase "good" cholesterol, decrease the risk of a stroke, and lower the chances of heart disease. As they say, an egg a day keeps the doctor away.

That said, many people don't have time to cook breakfast every morning, especially for a whole family. If you fall into this camp, you're not out of luck. There is an oft-forgotten method of preparing eggs that involves minimal dishes, works well for meal prep, and can efficiently feed a crowd (via Southern Living). Yes, we're talking about sheet pan eggs.

An eggscellent choice for brunch and meal prep

Sheet pans can be used to make just about anything, from s'mores to steak. So why not use them to make eggs? Most methods use only one other dish, generally a cup or bowl to season the eggs before pouring them onto the sheet pan (via Southern Living). Whoever is on dish duty will thank you. You don't have to be a skilled cook to make them, either; most recipes involve tossing the egg-covered pan in the oven until the whites are set (via Food Network).

Sheet pan eggs are also easily customizable, which is a huge plus when considering different dietary restrictions and preferences. You can devote different corners of the pan to different toppings, which means your vegetarian and carnivore friends can both benefit from the same breakfast, according to Southern Living. Sheet pan eggs can also be jazzed up when hosting a brunch or feeding a crowd — try whipping up this creamy spring sheet pan quiche featuring spicy watercress and salty prosciutto.

Even if you're just cooking for yourself, sheet pan eggs are an ideal way to meal prep breakfast for the week. Tastes Better from Scratch suggests making breakfast sandwiches out of baked eggs by cutting them into squares, placing them on bread, and adding your toppings of choice. These are also easily customizable and can even be stored in the freezer, notes Tastes Better from Scratch. When it comes to sheet pan eggs, the sky's the limit!