The Cookie Swap You Need To Make For A Crispier Pie Crust

It goes without saying that pie is the quintessential American dessert. After all, according to Spoon University, Americans devour 50 million pumpkin pies every year in honor of Thanksgiving alone. And if you're one of the bakers who provide the U.S. with a fix of its favorite pasty throughout the holiday season and beyond, you know that a good crust is essential to making a pie that tastes like the American dream.

That's why although most pie crust recipes only call for flour, sugar, salt, and water, according to Martha Stewart, experienced chefs have come up with new ways to make sure their dessert's crust comes out perfectly delicious. And many bakers have taken to using cookies to enhance their pie crust's taste and texture. Of course, Cooking With Mamma C's sugar cookie crust makes for an extra sweet pie base and The New York Times' Oreo cookie version is sure to delight every chocolate lover. However, if you want to bake a pie crust that's crispier than your wildest dreams, you need to mix things up with the only cookie that can give you insight into the future.

Fortune cookies are the key to a perfectly crispy pie crust

If you love finishing off your Chinese food with a sweet and crunchy fortune cookie, according to Bon Appétit, you'll love using the delicious treat in your pie crust even more. The outlet reports that fortune cookies' crunchy texture will make your pie crust delectably crisp. And these all-knowing cookies will even add another depth of taste to your dessert thanks to their vanilla and sesame oil flavor.

To try out this Fortune Cookie hack for yourself, Bigger Bolder Baking says you'll only need butter and fortune cookies. However, Bon Appetit does recommend using at least 25 fortune cookies in the recipe. After gathering your ingredients, you'll start off making the pie crust by crumbling your cookies into small pieces. Once your cookie crumbles have a powder-like consistency, you'll then mix them with the butter.

After this step, you can use two different methods to set your pie crust. If you want to take the no-bake route, Bigger Bolder Baking suggests letting your pie crust settle in the fridge. But if you prefer to finish off your crust in the oven, Bon Appetit reports you can bake your fortune cookie pie crust at 350 degrees. After you've left your pastry's base in the fridge or oven for 15 minutes, you can then take out your crispier-than-ever pie crust and pour in your filling of choice.