The Major Cocktail Problem That's Been Getting A Miniature Solution

Enjoying a few drinks at the bar can be a great way to spend a first date, catch up with friends, or enjoy a night out with your significant other. But going out to the bar can be costly. Depending on where you go, cocktails could cost up to $15 per drink, reports Punch, or even more. And with the consistent increases to the average cost of living (via Bankrate), splurging on a night out may feel irresponsible.

Trying new drinks can be risky, especially when money is tight. If you aren't decided on whether or not you'll like it, you could try something new. But if you wind up not liking it, you're stuck with a dilemma: Stop drinking it and let your money go to waste or force yourself to finish something you aren't enjoying. 

Fortunately, some bars have come up with a solution that could save your wallet.

Customers may be more likely to try new drinks

Miniature cocktails are exactly what they sound like: Cocktails in smaller proportions, designed to fit in shot glasses. These began popping up at bars a few years ago, but have gained popularity and become more widely available. These miniature drinks are typically between one to two ounces, according to Food & Wine.

The offerings can range from classic drinks — like mini margaritas or pint-sized piña colada — to new, house-made drinks, which can benefit bars, according to Punch. The lower price tag may encourage patrons to try new house-made drinks, and bars can use their feedback to decide if the full-size cocktail should join the permanent menu.

In addition to being wallet-friendly, these miniature drinks are perfect for people who want to enjoy the flavor of their favorite drinks without the buzz that comes along with it. Since there's less alcohol in the glass, you can quench your cocktail craving without committing to a full drink.