The Basic Egg Dish José Andrés Calls 'Life Changing'

If you're a fan of José Andrés, chances are you're a fan of eggs too. It's one of his favorite ingredients to use, evident in his TikTok alone, where he enthusiastically shares tips like how to microwave an omelet in the microwave, cure egg yolks in salt, and bake eggs.

He may be a Michelin-starred chef, but Andrés can appreciate a basic egg dish as much as the rest of us. That's all thanks to his Spanish heritage, he admitted to Bon Appétit. "When people ask me why eggs are so big in Spanish culture, I show them a painting by Diego Velázquez, with a woman frying an egg in a terra-cotta bowl over a fire. Show me another culture that has such an amazing painting portraying a woman frying an egg," Andrés shared with the publication.

Living up to the portrayal in the aforementioned painting, Andres' preferred way to cook eggs, unsurprisingly, is to fry them (via HuffPost). Fried eggs can be found in many of the chef's restaurants, Huff Post says, and they're also the focal point of a dish he describes as "life changing." 

The dish was actually created by José Andrés' mother

In an interview with Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show", chef José Andrés shared that he fries eggs differently from most. Instead of the usual method, he keeps the pan tiled the entire time so the oil is pooled on one side. As the eggs poach in the pool of oil, Andrés uses a spoon to fold the white over the yolk, resulting in a puffy fried egg with a runny yolk.

You'd assume these fried eggs would be the center of any dish they're included in, but there's one recipe where they take a back seat — his mom's. To make it, Andrés shared to Bon Appétit, she would start by roasting red peppers until the skin charred and could be easily removed along with the seeds. This by itself yielded red peppers with the sweetest flavor and jammiest texture, Andrés explained, but she also added oil, garlic, water, and sherry vinegar. "Those red peppers alone, they deserve a round of applause," Andrés shared. 

But pair them with fried eggs, and they apparently result in a "life changing" dish.