Coffee Mate's Sweet New Creamer Is Inspired By A Breakfast Classic

Some of us have to have that first cup of coffee before we're ready to converse with anyone, much less get dressed and wait in line at Starbucks. That doesn't mean we have to settle for coffee that's just basic black, though. It's easy to have frou-frou coffee flavors at home, using flavored creamers like the ones made by Dunkin', Coffee Mate, and Almond Breeze for the non-dairy crowd.

And wow, are the flavors fun! Of course, there are basic flavors like hazelnut and French vanilla, but there are also seasonal favorites like the ubiquitous pumpkin spice and International Delight's Peppermint Mocha and Frosted Sugar Cookie. Some of the most innovative flavors bring different brands together, like the Coffee Mate collaboration with KahlĂșa, that's due out in 2023. As it turns out, Coffee Mate has even more creative flavors slated to arrive in stores next year, and we can't wait.

Creamer that's full of brown sugary goodness

Coffee Mate just announced its newest limited edition flavor, and it takes us back to childhood. In January 2023, you'll be able to get the brand's new collaboration with Pop-Tarts, Toasted Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Parade tells us the creamer brings in all the flavors of the breakfast pastry, from the crust to the frosting and filling. When Coffee Mate announced the new flavor on Facebook, fans were excited, making comments like "Yes!!! My all time favorite pop tart in a creamer!" and "This just made my day!" While the company had plenty of Pop-Tart flavors to choose from, they went old school, choosing one of the pastry's original four flavors, introduced in 1964, though the frosting for the Pop-Tart didn't come along until 1967.

Fans of flavored creamers may also be interested to know there's another new Coffee Mate flavor on the horizon, also slated for a January 2023 limited release. The new flavor is also a collaboration, Coffee Mate Zero Sugar Twix creamer. Brown sugar and cinnamon or chocolate and caramel ... it looks like the new year will have a sweet beginning.