Coffee Mate Announced A New Cocktail-Inspired Flavor For 2023

Coffee Mate is a creamer company that has elevated plain coffee for over 60 years (per Coffee Mate). When perusing the dairy aisle at your local supermarket, it's impossible not to notice all the liquid coffee creamers lining the shelves. Coffee creamer's main job is to help remove the bitterness from black coffee. They can also make fancy-flavored coffee from the comfort of home. Milk-based creamer helps enhance the "mouth feel" in a cup of coffee. It adds richness to the coffee, which is essentially just water (per Driftaway).

According to Coffee Mate's website, the company makes over 25 different flavors, including those sold seasonally. Some of the more unique varieties include Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Snickers, and brown butter chocolate chip cookies. Coffee Mate even caters to its vegan customer base with its line of plant-based coffee creamers. The coffee creamer company offers more health-conscious products, like its zero sugar and fat-free creamers. Its Natural Bliss line uses real ingredients, like whole milk and cream, with non-GMO ingredients. For those wanting shelf-stable creamer, Coffee Mate provides a line of powdered creamer.

Coffee Mate continues to release new flavors, including a new and unique flavor arriving next year.

Start your day with coffee liqueur-inspired creamer

Coffee Mate's new creamer flavor is Kahlua and Creme. According to the company's Facebook page, the non-alcoholic creamer will debut in January 2023. Fans were not shy about sharing their excitement over the new announcements. One person commented, "I have been waiting for this for years!!!!!" Another person chimed in, writing, "Give someone a raise for making this!"

Coffee Mate is no stranger to offering an alcohol-inspired-flavored coffee creamer. The company offers an amaretto-flavored creamer, which has the liqueur's recognizable almond flavor. Even though it was discontinued in 2015, loyal fans contacted the company and convinced it to re-release the amaretto flavor, though it's only available at a limited number of stores (per Nestle).

Kahlua is a rum and coffee-flavored liqueur that originated in Mexico in 1936 and has since become a staple addition to any bar (per Kahlua). One of the most popular Kahlua cocktails is a White Russian. A classic recipe for the drink is made by combining Kahlua, vodka, and heavy cream that is shaken and strained into a glass. The new Kahlua creamer may be the key to getting your non-alcoholic White Russian fix first thing in the morning.