Coffee Mate Is Joining The Plant-Based Market With New Creamers

Coffee mate was introduced to the world in 1961, and 60 years later, it's still one of the most easily recognized brands on grocery store shelves (via History of Beverage). It offers powder and liquid creamers across four different brand names in a wide range of flavors. The powdered creamer was designed to give coffee the flavor of adding milk and sugar without needing any refrigeration, making it perfect for traveling or saving on limited fridge space at home.

Nestlé — the parent company of Coffee mate after acquiring the brand in 1984 — has previously ventured into plant-based creamer production in partnership with Starbucks, according to their website. In 2020, the two coffee companies worked together to create caramel and hazelnut flavored coffee creamers, which use a blend of almond and oat milk and are sold bottled in stores nationwide. For the first time since the brand's creation, Coffee mate is bringing plant-based creamers to grocery stores under their own brand.

Coffee mate's first plant-based line

For customers who follow a plant-based diet, are lactose intolerant, or are just trying to cut back on dairy intake, Coffee mate will be releasing a line of non-dairy milk-based creamers, according to Vegconomist. Coffee mate reportedly decided to expand its non-dairy options after finding out that non-dairy creamers make up 15% of the options in stores. The brand is starting its new line of flavors with French Vanilla and Caramel.

The company previously released non-dairy creamers under the Natural Bliss line, but the new flavors will carry the Coffee mate name brand. Under Natural Bliss, the brand offers almond, coconut, oat, and cashew milk-based creamers in a variety of flavors. According to a post shared on the Coffee mate Facebook page, the new creamers will use a blend of almond and oat milk.

Coffee mate's new line will be available to purchase at Walmart starting in October and will expand to other retailers beginning January 2023.