Is It Actually Possible To Pit A Peach With Pliers?

Nothing says summer quite like savoring a juicy and sweet peach. But there is one important (and often time-consuming) step you must take before using the decadent fruit in a cobbler. Because they are stone fruit, beyond every peach's fuzzy skin lies a hard pit in its center, which means you'll have to de-pit your freshly picked peaches before you can properly enjoy them (per AllRecipes).

Of course, there are plenty of tried-and-true ways to pit your peaches. As Cooks Illustrated notes, one popular method for de-pitting the fruit involves cutting it in half, twisting the top and bottom, and freeing the pit from its center manually with the help of your fingers. But if you're thinking that this de-pitting method will turn a simple midday treat into a full-on work project, you're not alone because in true TikTok fashion, one peach lover on the platform has posted a peach-pitting hack that will allegedly help you pit this beloved fruit in half the time. 

The secret? Using a pair of needle-nose pliers. But although this TikTok trick sounds like a blessing sent from the fruit gods, does it actually work?

Yes, you can pit a peach with pliers

According to a TikTok video shared by Lori Woosley, to remove a peach pit with a pair of needle nose pliers, you only have to insert the pliers into the center of the peach, seize the pit, and twist the pliers as you pull the pit out of the fruit. And the peach hack actually works. In fact, according to Bon Appétit, critically acclaimed chef Padma Lakshmi has vouched for the peach pitting method on her Instagram account.

And that's not even the best part. Woosely uses a clingstone peach, a smaller peach variety that is harder to de-pit, per Kitchn, in the video. However, the outlet notes that needle nose pliers will also work like a charm to de-pit freestone peaches, a larger peach variety that is more easily de-pitted. And now that you know a simple and non-time-consuming way to get rid of pits from two of the most common varieties of peaches (per Taste Made), you can make as many peach pies and peach jellies as you see fit without all the hard labor. Just be sure not to throw out your peach pits when you've freed them from your fruit as they can act as a delicious way to flavor other dishes.