The Major Accolade Bumble Bee's Tuna Snack Packs Just Won

When stocking our pantry, there are a few items we like to always have on hand, ranging from olive oil to balsamic vinegar to rice, pasta, and dried legumes. And add to that list canned fish of various kinds, ranging from sardines to anchovies to mussels.

There's little doubt that among the canned fishes, tuna reigns supreme. A popular and versatile option you can reach for at the grocery store, canned tuna — especially when packed in quality olive oil — is meaty, rich, and an excellent source of protein (via Healthline). It adds a hefty amount of flavor when incorporated into dishes like tuna melts, tuna lettuce wraps, and pasta dishes.

And, of course, canned tuna is so easy to throw into a bag or lunchbox when you're on the go. These days, tuna manufacturers are making it even easier to snack on the fish when you're away from home, whether you choose to grab a vacuum-sealed packet that's already flavored with ingredients such as Thai chilis or red curry (via Starkist) or the "Protein on the Run" snack kits from canned tuna VIP Bumble Bee that was recently awarded an accolade by the website Progressive Grocer.

Progressive Grocer included these Bumble Bee kits in its list of best new grocery product

Every year, the website and magazine Progressive Grocer compiles a list of its editors' picks for the best new grocery items of the year based on the editor's assessments of items' innovation, functionality, value, and packaging design (via Progressive Grocer). This year, out of more than 200 submissions sent in by companies for consideration, PG selected 82 winners, ranging from broccoli sprouts to instant boba tea packets to frozen tiramisu. And in the canned fish category, Bumble Bee's "Protein on the Run" snack kits were selected for meeting customers' needs for "convenience, health, and portability," the site wrote in its assessment.

Founded in the early 1900s, according to its website, Bumble Bee Seafoods makes one of the United States' top-selling canned tunas (via Statista). The company offers a variety of ready-to-eat tunas, from pouches seasoned with lemon and pepper to rice bowls with black beans and corn. One of Bumble Bee's newer offerings, released last October, is its "Protein on the Run" kits, a recyclable cardboard box that contains a 2.7-ounce can of olive oil-packed tuna flavored with jalapeño, lemon, or black pepper; a spork; a packet of savory crackers; and a little caramel for dessert.

"Our innovation focuses on delivering unmet consumer needs, discovering healthy solutions, and providing superior value," said Connie Cooper Shepherd, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Commercialization. "'Protein on the Run' achieves these objectives with a delicious-tasting product."