The Stunning Numbers Behind US Canned Tuna Consumption

When you think of foods that Americans eat a lot of, meal staples like bread, milk, and chicken may come to mind. But what about canned tuna fish? Of course, you know that canned tuna often finds its way onto American grocery lists because of the amount of nutrition it has packed into every serving. In fact, according to Very Well Fit, a single can of light tuna in water will provide you with 42 grams of protein and a considerable helping of vitamins like B12 and iron.

Even though it has a lot of health benefits and can be used to whip up a classic mayo-doused salad or a decadent tuna melt, you still probably don't think of canned tuna as a dish that ends up on American dinner plates very often. However, the truth is that tuna fish is one of the United States' favorite and most consumed kinds of seafood (per the National Fisheries Institute). And the amount of canned tuna Americans actually eat may surprise you.

Americans can't get enough of canned tuna fish

According to a survey conducted by the National Fisheries Institute, roughly 88% of American households have dined on canned tuna fish, with nearly half finding themselves digging into a serving every month. If that's not impressive enough, the survey stated that 23% of people in the U.S. eat canned tuna on a weekly basis, 40% chow down on it at least two times a month, 29% eat a can once a month, and 10% eat canned tuna once every three months.

So what's with all the canned tuna love? The National Fisheries Institute revealed that a lot of canned tuna's popularity may have to do with its versatility. The survey reported that while 45% of voters stated they ate canned tuna as-is, many noted they tend to put canned tuna fish in sandwiches, salads, base dishes, or old-school classics like tuna noodle casserole.

Survey aside, Americans' general adoration for tuna is also apparent in the global tuna fish market. PEW Research Center noted that the U.S. ranks fourth among tuna fishing countries across the globe. And The National Fisheries Institute revealed that the European Union is the only entity that beats out the U.S. in terms of canned tuna fish consumption. So even if it's not considered a pantry must-have on par with sugar and flour, it's apparent that canned tuna fish is still a dish loved by many Americans.