The Sweet Additions Molly Yeh Adds To Smoothies - Exclusive

There is perhaps no one in the universe bigger on smoothies — or more faithful to her Vitamix — than Molly Yeh. "Anyone who has ever told you that 'marriage isn't for them' has never used a Vitamix," Yeh writes in her new cookbook, "Home Is Where the Eggs Are," professing her unconditional love for the wedding gift.

Yeh claims to make smoothies every single day, and as is inevitable when you repeat any practice long enough, she has thoroughly conquered the art. She knows, for example, that for unrivaled smoothness, you should always blend your smoothie a minute longer than you think is necessary. She only drinks her smoothies cold. She rinses her blender tout de suite. She even weighs her smoothie ingredients on an actual scale instead of using measuring cups — or, you know, just winging it. 

No ifs, ands, or buts: Molly Yeh has her smoothie-blending technique down to a tee. More importantly, she has also mastered the art of smoothie flavors. Case in point: The "Girl Meets Farm" star may like her kale, but she isn't always thrilled about tasting it. There's a hack for that, as she recently shared in an exclusive interview with Tasting Table.

How to hide the taste of greens in your smoothie

Molly Yeh sees your honey and sweetened Greek yogurt and raises it with ... cookies and cake. In "Home Is Where the Eggs Are," the Food Network star moons over a blueberry cake smoothie with hidden kale. That's not the only sweet smoothie recipe in her arsenal.

"I discovered early in my smoothie journey that you can pile kale into a smoothie and not taste it, so on days when I feel like I need extra greens but don't feel like eating them, I treat myself like a toddler and sneak them into a smoothie that's sweetened with ... whatever baked good is lying around in my kitchen," she told Tasting Table.

Got a brownie? A bar of chocolate? Some cheesecake? Permission granted to toss them in your blender. Don't limit yourself to the expected — Yeh doesn't. "I love adding halva to my smoothies," Yeh explained. "I also love making an orange dreamsicle-type smoothie with oranges, carrots, pineapple, and orange blossom water."

You can order your copy of "Home Is Where the Eggs Are" and its smoothie-making wisdom here. Be sure to follow Yeh on Instagram for recipe inspiration and life updates, or catch up with her family on Food Network's "Girl Meets Farm."