Kerrygold Is Emphasizing Family With Its Latest Project

Getting kids involved in the kitchen can benefit a variety of skills. KidsHealth states that kids can begin to learn basic math skills by measuring out ingredients, and it provides a space for children to engage their senses. Plus, if you are struggling with a picky eater, children may be more likely to try new foods if they have had a hand in making them.

Kerrygold's dairy products are made from grass-fed cows' milk, according to its website. It also notes that almost all farms in Ireland — where the company is based — are family-owned and typically have multiple generations of people working on them. The butter and cheese producer already shares a variety of recipes on its site, but with the launch of its new program, it aims to get the whole family involved in cooking by engaging a younger audience to help kids find a love of cooking.

This project is aimed at a younger audience

Kerrygold is aiming to bring family fun to the kitchen with its new "The Magical Pantry" program. The website — which is optimized to run on both computers and smartphones — allows users to create a custom character to be inserted into one of four stories. Users also choose one of 40 recipes to incorporate into the experience. The brand aims to get young readers excited about cooking skills by reading about them in a story.

The recipes were chosen by The Dynamite Shop cooking school, which specializes in child-friendly recipes that students of all ages can learn. Users can organize by meal type: Breakfast, lunch & snacks, dinner, and desserts (via The Magical Pantry). Once a meal type is chosen, there are three difficulty levels to choose from — beginner, intermediate, and advanced — so kids of all ages can get involved. They can also organize recipes according to dietary restrictions, like gluten-free, vegetarian, egg-free, and nut-free options.

The interactive stories can be accessed now on The Magical Pantry website.