Milano Is Updating It's Holiday Hot Cocoa Flavor For 2022

Pepperidge Farm brands offer customers a slew of items, ranging from savory snacks to sweet treats. Housed under the brand are classic snacks, like Goldfish crackers, soft baked Chunk cookies, and the crispy, chocolate-filled Milano cookies. The company's popular snack items are seldom made in just one flavor. Goldfish caters to its adult customer base by adding new flavors like jalapeno cheddar. The company website lists 13 varieties of Chunk cookies, including unique flavors like caramel apple and s'mores.

Pepperidge Farm joins many other food companies in releasing seasonal items and flavors. Instead of offering a pumpkin spice latte, the snack brand sells pumpkin spice swirl bread, pumpkin cheesecake Chunk cookies, and pumpkin spice Milano cookies. And of course, the seasonal offerings are not only relegated to fall. As we move closer to winter, Pepperidge Farm is gearing up to release a new holiday Milano cookie flavor for 2022.

Hot cocoa cookies will keep you warm this holiday season

This isn't the first time Milano has released a hot chocolate-themed holiday cookie: In 2020, Fansided reported Pepperidge Farm launched an Amaretto hot cocoa flavor and a candy cane flavor. Other past seasonal offerings have included Milano's peppermint slices (via Pepperidge Farm). But 2022's holiday flavor will have you curling up on the couch with your favorite warm beverage.

This year Milano will be unveiling a brand new hot cocoa cookie variety, which is flavored with hazelnut. A press release sent to Tasting Table promises the nutty flavor pairs perfectly with the sweet milk chocolate that fills the interior of the crispy Milano Hot Cocoa cookies. Each bag of the Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milano Cookie comes with 15 cookies, the perfect amount to share with friends and family ... or keep to yourself. Bags of the new cookie variety will be available at Target, Walmart, and grocery stores nationwide this October, priced at $4.89.

Like all good things, these cookies must also come to an end. The seasonal cookies are only available while supplies last, so make sure to stock up with enough to last the entire season if you're a Milano or chocolate hazelnut fan.